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  • Finding Middle Ground

    There is another factor that is major which needs consideration.  Mental health care.  It is dismally inadequate.  Which is why mass killings are as common as they are.  And, domestic violence is as it is.

    I have a thread started about it here.

    The reason you do not know about this is because media, courts and local governments as well as the state are colluding to keep the public ignorant.  Yep. a conspiracy, and its big.  Here is what happened when I filed a suit against my county in federal court and gave a copy to a news reporter who had shown courage relating to drug issues.

    What happened is she was fired.  Sixteen other reporters and editors joined her and they were all gagged by the California State Superior Court.  The same court that had been depriving me of justice since 1997.

    What's the conspiracy about?  Its about keeping the ultimate methods of secrecy, secret.  What is unconscious is BETTER than secret.  Effective mental health care MUST address the unconscious mind directly because that is where the disorder really is.

    Here is a page which is fairly recent that supports this position.'s_New/post/is-your-unconscious-mind-running-your-life-part-1/
  • Where can you conceal carry?

    I think they should go further than this and install metal detectors to net those who conceal carry. But trust some people to beat the system to beat the devices in these days of runaway technology. In this era of mass shootings and terrorism, it would be suicidal to allow individuals to conceal carry. I suppose someone open carrying is not likely to have a delinquent predisposition as the confidence he will derive from open carrying without arousing suspicion would yield a positive emotional dividend.
  • Imagine we finally agree guns are not the problem,What are some honestly good ideas to safeguard us?

    Striking poverty is another good way to battle criminality. Many gangs and criminals start from a harsh environment that teaches them that there's no hope to a decent life unless you steal it from someone else. The goverment has neglected certain areas unabashedly and this inaction gives room to the rise of an underground system of function, namely spirals, cartels and street gangs.

    In the USA, if you don't come from a stable home you've very little chance to make it into college, or start an enterprize, or even graduate high school.
  • What is the fascination with Guns in America ?

    People have a proclivity to own guns due to a pervasive sense of powerlessness. There is this subconscious need in individuals to have a sense of control and this pervades all facets of life. When one is unarmed, there is this sense of vulnerability. Even with the best police force, insecurity is guaranteed to rear its ugly head and strikes like a nightmare when least expected. The problem is that anyone with a gun can turn into an agent of death at any moment through commission or omission. Guns also have a kind of lethal aesthetic value related to the macho feelings aroused by military parades but unfortunately this has its utility in their ability to kill.
  • Imagine we finally agree guns are not the problem,What are some honestly good ideas to safeguard us?

    The economy needs to improve.  It is creating desperation in people & even causing people's mental health to deteriorate.  Not having enough money for basic necessities is driving many people to act horrendously because they feel hopeless. 
  • What is the fascination with Guns in America ?

    "I just really like them" probably is the only real reason, unfortunately.  People like guns.  They think they're cool.  They see them on TV.  They know they're powerful.  Guns make them feel powerful.  It's the same type of coolness some people feel riding Harley motorcycles.  Or the same type of coolness people used to feel about smoking cigarettes back in the day. 

    It's all about how they make people feel.  Do they make them feel safer?  Not me.  Living in a house with guns makes me feel less safe.  For some people though, maybe it makes them feel safe.  More than that though, I think they just enjoy it.  It's the reason why they practice shooting so often.  It's fun for them.  They just really like them. 
  • Imagine we finally agree guns are not the problem,What are some honestly good ideas to safeguard us?

    I would say lets start at home. Parent your children the values and importants in life and they will grow up not having interest in guns unless you are a family of hunters then establish gun rules. Also, its within home that parents and siblings know each other well that if theres someone thats mentally unstable or suisidal within that household its going to be obvious, help each other out and have happy healthy family. When we have happy healthy family, society will be much in better place.
  • What age is too young to train to fire a gun?

    Teaching very young children to shoot a gun can be a tricky affair. We should not put that burden of responsibility on a small child. I have seen instances where 6-year-olds were thought to shoot. We must understand that not many children would be able to always maintain the level of discipline that is required to operate this weapon. At the development stage, children are prone to accidents and indiscretions, therefore, I would not agree to any child below 12 years old being exposed to the handling of guns.
  • Gun Control - No commercially made guns ? / people will make them in secret

    @explorerx7 I agree with your comment.  Just because people will find other ways doesn't mean we should just throw our hands up in the air and resign ourselves. 
  • Weapon Detectors in Schools

    " So searching in schools is a requirement if we want the children safe. "

    What about teaching children NOT to take Dads gun ? to be responsible and act right ? Mom & Dad can't be everywhere, so children need to learn how not to act too, don't steal, smoke, drink alcohol, do homework, study, pass tests, get good grades etc...