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  • How would the world will be without guns?

    A safer and more live worthy place will emerge. Guns is the root of anger that has intent to kill. Once a person has a gun, their confidence in a fight is boost. Because at the back of their mind they know that it can help them anytime. No wonder that there are rage that ended up into shooting. How I wish guns was never been invented.
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    we would be in the 1200s in every single way imaginable. The only way for guns to not exist is to have the technology not exist that allowed their creation. 
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    Ever wonder what it's like to live in a world that are free from guns?
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?

    We need to get rid of all guns that are not 10 round pistols, and a 12 gauge shot gun. The people in the cities don't need to collect guns, guns should be for the army only. 

    Things like that should be kept in places where it's more safe. I want a government that sees that. Many other countries know this. They create strict gun laws because they don't want their citizens dying via guns. Lesser guns means lesser gun violence. 
  • What Scares You Most about Guns?

    The only thing that scares me about guns, is them ending up in a country's hands that we provides them with. These countries are getting the same weapons we use in our military somehow. What will this country do if we at attacked using our own weapons and guns? In this day in age I think we need to face the facts that its just a matter of time before we are engaged in another war.
  • Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

    This is absolutely ridiculous and such a blow to our Second amendment right. As unconstitutional as it is, this will most likely sadly go through. I can't believe it has come down to this. Unfortunately it's going to get worse before gets better.
  • Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

    You have got to be kidding me! This is not some bubble gum, or a brand new handbag, this is a weapon purchased with the express purpose of putting lead into some one else's body with the exclusive reason of maiming or killing. There is no multi use, perhaps you plan on buying a gun to injure by pistol whipping but it is still used to hurt someone. There should be more action regarding who can purchase or sell guns.....Yet I am sure you are one of the right winged nuts who would argue to keep out certain groups of people even if they were born here because of an irrational fear of a RELIGION! Please make a point about something other than your second amendment....amendments have been changed to suit the needs of the people and they will continue to change as long as the broad diversity of this union get used to it....
  • Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

     It definitely IS a total disregard for the 2nd. amendment, but there's no surprise here. This despot has no regard for our legal system, including the separation of powers that keep us from being reduced to a banana republic! I think he would love to see a revolution, because he knows he would win (sheer firepower), and the people left standing, or bowing, would be easy to control!
  • Do you think the argument is valid?

    Alright just some of there arguments are invalid,some I would even go along with if that is all they wanted.There is a lot that think we are criminals because we have guns,and some how that it makes them more law abiding and better because they don't have guns.I have done a lot of research and been to many other forms sense I started this fight for my rights and have meant all kinds,some of the minor league anti's are caring people that want to honestly help make it better,and then you have your ridiculous ones on both sides that there is just no reasoning with.
  • Gun control; should we ban them?

    yes, we should