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  • 2nd amendment

    "less guns less killing" is not a theory, its a fact. Just look at other advanced countries. 
    In any case I don't want to get into a spitting war with you whereby we throw statistics back and forth ad nauseum. You are a reasonable person with your own convictions. I will respectfully disagree on the gun issue and leave it at that. Nice chatting. 
  • Are you a pro or anti guns?

    There is nothing wrong with guns, but there needs to be GUN CONTROL ... a mentally ill 18 year old should not be able to get an assault rifle...The NRA are a bunch of NINCOMPOOPS !!!
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?


    In 2014 there were only 224 justifiable (defense) homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm... same year, there were 7,670 criminal (offense) gun homicides (source)

    In other words, the odds of you successfully protecting yourself with a gun is practically nill. By definition an aggressor always draws on you first and has the upper hand. 

    The best defense strategy is to make guns unaccessible to aggressors, as they have done in Sweden, Japan, Australia, England, etc. Real world examples that have successfully all but removed gun violence from their society. 
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    This was a very bad incident to befall a school where our students go to study. To have 17 students badly shoot up in which some might die from the gun wounds, I'm totally in support of the government banning the use of assault rifle in school. The annoying part is that the state house quashed the bill to ban such guns for getting into school premises.
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    While to comment is valid that every gun is dangerous is quite true, I believe no one at all, even law enforcement, needs a weapon that fires more than one shot per trigger pull.  

    The only purpose for fully Automatic weapons is for destruction in my opinion.  If you are hunting our using for self defense one shot at a time is all you need!  Anything else is just looking for trouble!

    Semi Automatics can also fire very quickly,  There is rarely a need for this in my opinion either.  
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    America should ban all of type of gun for me. Because no matter what kind of gun it is. It still a direct threat to all of us who are living in this beautiful world. So for me, the world should ban all kinds of guns.
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    No matter what type of gun it is as long as it can fire bullet, it is still dangerous. I think what the government should do is prohibited civilians from owning a gun.
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    @lildaisuke You would be at risk from polio, the plague, small pox, cholera, the flu, leprosy, so on and so forth. The only way for guns to not exist is to not have the technology for them to exist, and that requires us to be stuck in the 12th century.

    @JBFernandez How are guns the root of anger that has the intent to kill? People have murdered for millennia before firearms existed, and most murders today still occur without firearms. Not to mention people are going to be more willing to kill others if they know the other person will not be able to adequately defend themselves, and people need guns for a variety of reasons, including pest control.
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    A safer and more live worthy place will emerge. Guns is the root of anger that has intent to kill. Once a person has a gun, their confidence in a fight is boost. Because at the back of their mind they know that it can help them anytime. No wonder that there are rage that ended up into shooting. How I wish guns was never been invented.
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    we would be in the 1200s in every single way imaginable. The only way for guns to not exist is to have the technology not exist that allowed their creation.