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  • Do you think the argument is valid?

    I'm sorry but I am not comfortable even touching a gun so how am I suppose to use one to defend myself?  Believe it or not there are people just like me out there, and yet everyone seems to be of the belief that we fight violence by arming ourselves well for some of us that isn't an option.  Now I am not someone who says ban guns and I also don't live with my head buried in the sand I know the violence out there, but we can't go around looking for trouble ourselves.  This is how I feel about the whole carry a weapon around with you.  Yes, it might give some of us a sense of security but if it came down to it could you really use the gun, that is the question I have?
  • Finding Middle Ground

    There is another factor that is major which needs consideration.  Mental health care.  It is dismally inadequate.  Which is why mass killings are as common as they are.  And, domestic violence is as it is.

    I have a thread started about it here.

    The reason you do not know about this is because media, courts and local governments as well as the state are colluding to keep the public ignorant.  Yep. a conspiracy, and its big.  Here is what happened when I filed a suit against my county in federal court and gave a copy to a news reporter who had shown courage relating to drug issues.

    What happened is she was fired.  Sixteen other reporters and editors joined her and they were all gagged by the California State Superior Court.  The same court that had been depriving me of justice since 1997.

    What's the conspiracy about?  Its about keeping the ultimate methods of secrecy, secret.  What is unconscious is BETTER than secret.  Effective mental health care MUST address the unconscious mind directly because that is where the disorder really is.

    Here is a page which is fairly recent that supports this position.'s_New/post/is-your-unconscious-mind-running-your-life-part-1/
  • Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

    I have to agree with LC on this one. This isn't a small or useless object. And I don't know about you, but most of the gun shows I go to, the people selling guns aren't people only planning to sell one gun. If you plan to sell a weapon, you should be licensed as such. 
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?

    We need to get rid of all guns that are not 10 round pistols, and a 12 gauge shot gun. The people in the cities don't need to collect guns, guns should be for the army only. 

    Things like that should be kept in places where it's more safe. I want a government that sees that. Many other countries know this. They create strict gun laws because they don't want their citizens dying via guns. Lesser guns means lesser gun violence.