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  • Gun Safety

    A lot of people have chimed in on both sides of the gun debate.  One thing we all seem to agree on is that people who own guns should be responsible.  What have you been taught about gun safety?  What tips do you have for people?
  • The American Government should confiscate all weapons that are privately owned.

    There is no way that the government of the United States is going to confiscate all of the privately owned weapons of its citizens ! I live in the United States, and one of our most cherished things is the Constitution, which gives everyone the right to own and bear arms.
    It is not the licensed weapons that are the threat to anyone here, it is the criminals who have illegal weapons, and just taking away the leagally owned weapons that people have is not going to stop criminals from stealing weapons and killing people.
    What actually needs to happen would be stricter laws against the illegal weapons, and the criminals that use them. Someone can be arrested for a crime, and then be bailed out the same day, and back on the streets committing more crimes.
    This is not the fault of the law enforcement community, it is rather the way that the court system is set up, which allows most people charged with a crime to post bail and be out of jail almost immediately.
  • Do Gun Bans Actually Work?

    @junrose123 @JayGum28 People don't commit crimes because they have guns, they commit crimes because of outside factors. You can still rob, rape, and/or murder someone with a hammer, just as effectively as if they used a gun. So how does this prevent crime as a whole?
  • Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

    I have to agree with LC on this one. This isn't a small or useless object. And I don't know about you, but most of the gun shows I go to, the people selling guns aren't people only planning to sell one gun. If you plan to sell a weapon, you should be licensed as such. 
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    we would be in the 1200s in every single way imaginable. The only way for guns to not exist is to have the technology not exist that allowed their creation. 
  • How would the world will be without guns?

    A safer and more live worthy place will emerge. Guns is the root of anger that has intent to kill. Once a person has a gun, their confidence in a fight is boost. Because at the back of their mind they know that it can help them anytime. No wonder that there are rage that ended up into shooting. How I wish guns was never been invented.