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Senate leaders: Too close to say if gun control bill has the votes to pass

edited April 2013 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 8
The bipartisan deal on expanded background checks for gun buyers appeared Sunday to garner more Republican support, but Capitol Hill leaders could not say whether the overall gun-control bill will have enough votes as the full debate begins this week.



  • It don't my ancestors died for my rights. Blood spilled on the very ground I walk on everyday. Let the Constitution Bill of Rights Be and Declaration of Independence alone or we
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  • What defend2nd said!
  • Why are people acting like background  checks mean that everyone's guns are going to be taken away?  Have you killed people with your guns? No.  Then, you are probably going to keep them.  If you answered yes and it wasn't a self-defense situation, then you are the reason that they are making stricter laws.  Responsible gun owners have nothing to worry about.  The government isn't saying that no one should have guns; they are just making sure full background checks are happening to make the streets safer. 
  • That is exactly my thoughts on the issue TommiGunn31. They not trying to take guns away from people who haven't done anything in their past to warrant the gun being taken away. If you don't have anything in your past, what are you worried about?
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    Have you ever thought maybe the reason people get so upset is not the stricter background checks but that it would open the door to many more changes then.Don't get me wrong background checks are fine with me,in fact in IL. where I live they do a background check on you that is one of the reasons there is a waiting period for when buying a gun and also a background by the state police before you can even get a F.O.I.D card to even have a gun.
  • I wonder, not everyone has a gun, and according to most folks, everyone wants background checks, ok, fine, but answer this question, how many people have sex ? unprotected sex ? lf a condom rips during rough sex, it is the same as unprotected sex, why don't more people ask for background checks or tests to see if somone has AIDS ? hmmm ? many many people due from AIDS every day ! not just homosexuals, anyone can get AIDS, many people do, if every one gets tested, and treated with the new antiviral drugs we gave now, AIDS is almost on the verge of being cured, We need to test the new drugs on those that are HIV positive in order to help them live and stop the spread of AIDS, a true epidemic.

    This is why I hate politics, it is hypocritical to ignore something as important as AIDS testing and pharmacology testing and research, then cry about expanding background checks that already are in place and work quite well.

    How does an expanded background check help, if a person may have killed 20 people, yet was never caught or convicted ?

    However everyone getting tested for AIDS helps everyone ! at least you know you do not have AIDS and are not spreading the disease to others, and giving other people AIDS is just as criminal an act as shooting them.
  • There you go, responsible sex, if you love background checks so much, stop being a bloody hypocrite and get tested for AIDS regularly and stop the spread of AIDS a disease that has killed more children than guns have since the first Chinese inventer invented gun powder.
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