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open carry

Does anyone here open carry? Do you ever get stopped by police?


  • I do not, but I know people who do. It's not illegal here in Arizona. The police don't bother people unless they look like they are going for it. That's what I have noticed anyway.
  • I don't think I know anyone who can open carry.  I'm not sure if it's against the law here in PA.  I'm actually not 100% certain what open carry entails.  I grew up in a rural area and I'm so used to seeing people with guns that I don't really notice who is open carrying.  Does hunting count as open carry, since the guns aren't concealed or do they mean to not have a gun out in the open in a restaurant or store or something like that?
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    I don't yet but I am thinking about trying to get the permit to carry.The streets sure aren't getting any safer and I don't even live in or near ant big cities.I feel sorry for the ones that do,with all the illegal guns and criminals.
  • Yeah, me, too.  I live in a small town, close to a rural area, where I grew up.  I can't really say it was "safer", though.  Most things in small towns or country areas just go unreported.   I know of many crimes where I grew up that went unpunished because of lack of police or "let their parents handle it", which didn't happen.  And, yes, some of those were gun crimes.  Not murder, though.  Murder usually got handled. 
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    I have found out that open carry can mean different things indifferent states.I found out in IL. where I live open carry means what you can legally do when you are hunting and concealed carry when you can carry at all times.I also found out in IL. if you want to even try and get concealed carry it will cost you $300.00 or better to even apply for it and that doesn't mean you are getting it and the way I take it is you don't get you don't get your money back.I guess I won't be trying any time soon I personally don't have a extra $300.00 or so laying around to gamble with.I guess this is only for the rich to not the poor,I guess we don't count as much.They should make sure everyone can afford it and the way it sounds they want to raise the price even more.Another case of greed and revenue not doing something for safety reasons at all.
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    If open carry were not legal in PA, millions of hunters would be in jail.

    Historically, open carry has been the legal and preferred way to carry in this country, while concealed carry was considered the mark of someone up to no good.  Funny how that paradigm has shifted over the last 50 years or so to where now we are afraid of those who carry their arms openly, and not concerned about those who feel the need to hide them. 
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    To further answer your question, I have openly carried my entire life, and rarely felt the need to conceal.   I have to avoid it in the wacky states that ban it, and I have had people call the police in a panic..but so far have had no problems with the police, even those I have to educate a bit. 
  • I agree, it's so weird that people who show that they have a gun are regarded as suspicious.  I'm just used to being around guns.  I don't even think twice about it if I see a holstered gun...unless the actions of the person make me doubt their intentions.  Shifty eyes, hand resting on their gun, etc.  Those kinds of things trigger my alarm.
  • I agree tommigunn. I'd like to get an open carry permit someday.
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    In some states I have found out they have cc (constitutional carry),oc (open carry),ccw( Concealed carry) it varies greatly from state to state.I don't see a person carrying a gun as a threat at all,unless in their pocket or stuck in their pants without a holster them cause concern.
  • I think it's the intimidation factor that Open Carry can bring. People don't like the idea that someone has the power to kill them in a split second, which is what some will contribute to seeing a gun on someone's hip(including cops). I personally think it's stupid, but considering we've argued over a red coffee cup, I wouldn't be surprised at people that do think that. 
  • It is legal here to open carry In Wisconsin. I do not know anyone who open carries and I do not open carry myself. I find it very scary to do this because I would be afraid of the police as awful as that sounds. There is some crime that does happen around here, and I wish more people would open carry. However I think they are afraid of being questioned or worse.
  • I wouldn't be afraid of open carrying just because of police. Most of the stuff you see is really overexaggerated and manipulated. From what I've seen, as long as you prove who you are and that you aren't a threat, they won't do anything to you. 
  • Open carry does not apply to hunting, hunting is a completely a separate issue and entirely different.

    Open carry really refers to carry of a firearm near a general population, not concealed, Texas recently passed an open carry provision however, it passed as a rider to concealed carry, so you can open carry, IF YOU ALREADY have a concealed carry permit...........................

    Open carry is a good as a law, no question about it, In practice, open carry is not so good, more trouble than it is worth, unless you are a Uniformed security guard, or hidden mostly in a car, in public, open carry may get you stopped every 10 feet.

    As a Detective, I mostly concealed even though I did not have to conceal at all.

    If you open carry, maybe you will not be hassled at all, Vermont has hassle free carry.
    Maybe Alaska too, or anywhere eith Constitutional carry, it is up to you.

    However, a concealed carry permit is the best possible option, many places do not require you own a gun to maintain a concealed carry permit, however a concealed carry permit is instant proof, that you are a law abiding citizen..
  • I don't open carry. However, this is because I don't currently have a vehicle. I know open carry and concealed carry restrictions vary from state-to-state. I live in Nebraska, where gun laws are some of the most lenient. Somebody could get certified to purchase a handgun for only five dollars here and not be required to have a concealed weapons permit or formal gun training. People without a concealed weapons permit here are basically required to have their handguns in plain sight with the unloaded magazine out of it. With that said, not very many pedestrians in Lincoln, NE can be seen packing heat. If someone is driving, hey would be held to the same rules, except that their weapon would have to be in plain sight in the vehicle.
  • Are you old enough to drive ? you seem very young idea wise, very intelligent, not too much life experience.
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    Most people wouldn't have the confidence to open carry unless they come from the disciplined forces. Personally, I would be averse to open carry. Some people might subconsciously interpret this to be a raw display of power. In any case, its a grim reminder of what confronts us every waking moment as well as arousing the wistful memories of those who have suffered under gun crime.
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    For me im not agree to open carry its because to many people scared when you carry a gun when you walk and its used to bully to people because if you have a gun you think to your self is high and no anyone bully to you because you have a gun thats why open carry is have a positive and negative impact but for me open carry is not allowed to prevent crime.
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    I open carry when I am outside (I live in nowhere, so wild animals are an issue). I really have only ever seen about 5 people near my property while outside, none of which were police officers, so there really wasnt one to care.
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