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Another mass murder shooting: Many dead at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 14
Another mass shooting today with many killed and wounded at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon.

America needs to get rid of the guns!  I don't think a killer could have killed and injured so many so fast with a knife or other less lethal weapon.  Guns are too lethal and we've proved as Americans that we cannot be trusted with them.


  • Even if there are no guns, there are other lethal weapons.  I realize that a knife may not kill as many people as quickly as a gun but a bomb can still cause many casualties.  You can find plans to make bombs on the Internet.  I'm not sure where (as I have never needed to look up bombs for any reason), but I had a friend in high school who found it.  He never made it.  He is the type to look things up for the sake of learning things.  But that still frightens me.  Not everyone has good motives.  My main point is that if you take away the guns, they will still find other ways to wreak havoc.  Most people that I know use guns safely and keep them stored and unloaded when not in use.   

  • Actually, I think that a killer would be more effective with a knife or some other weapon because without the noise, they can kill a lot of people without anyone even knowing that somebody is there killing. The noise of the gun actually is a warning for anyone else around, and it allows them the chance to get away. You only hear about the people who misuse the guns, you never hear about the responsible gun owners. My dad has had guns all my life, and he has never shot and killed anyone. I've always known where the guns were, but I knew better than to touch and play with them. That's called good parenting. That's called being a sane person. That's called being responsible for your own actions. I pray for the families of the people affected by this horrible event, but it wasn't the gun's fault, it was the shooter's. 
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