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Gun Safety

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
A lot of people have chimed in on both sides of the gun debate.  One thing we all seem to agree on is that people who own guns should be responsible.  What have you been taught about gun safety?  What tips do you have for people?


  • I think the best way my dad taught me was to not touch things that don't belong to me as he was showing me his gun and where he put it. I feared and respected my father, so if he said don't touch it, I didn't touch it. Later, he taught me how to use it, which was also good for safety. I was taught in a controlled environment by someone who knew what they were doing. There are rules that you need to understand how to follow when dealing with something as serious as a gun, and it needs to be taught that this is something very serious. If you take someone's life, you can't give it back. There is also a thing about knowing your child and knowing if they will be able to handle that kind of responsibility.
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    I think the first think is to keep your guns locked up and your ammunition kept locked up in a different location from the guns.Then you need to teach your children about guns and there purpose.They need to know they are not toys and to never touch them without permission no matter at home or any place else.When they are old enough then teach them to never play with or point it at anybody whether it is a play gun or a real one.Then teach them the makings and workings of a gun and then how to hold and handle it.Then teach them how to load and properly shoot it and at what they should shoot at.Then teach them the proper purpose of a gun,like for target shooting,hunting,and for protection of life and only that,and never used in anger.I hope I covered about everything.If not ask and I will.
  • Everyone should take a professional course to learn how to handle and use them if they want one.
  • Number one rule of ALL gun safety-treat every gun as if it is loaded. Using this one simple rule could prevent many many accidents. I have taken a plethora of gun safety courses, and I hunt big game in eastern Washington. In a way, guns have become a type of culture for me, and I have grown up with respect for their use. Guns were originally created to kill, and without proper respect and handling of guns, that is what they will and have done for years and years. 

    Gun safety education is absolutely vital to everyone who wants to use guns. 
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    Jeff Cooper's 4 rules about cover it.  

    RULE 1

    The only exception to this occurs when one has a weapon in his hands and he has personally unloaded it for checking. As soon as he puts it down, Rule 1 applies again.

    RULE 2

    You may not wish to destroy it, but you must be clear in your mind that you are quite ready to if you let that muzzle cover the target. To allow a firearm to point at another human being is a deadly threat, and should always be treated as such.

    RULE 3

    This we call the Golden Rule because its violation is responsible for about 80 percent of the firearms disasters we read about.

    RULE 4

    You never shoot at anything until you have positively identified it. You never fire at a shadow, or a sound, or a suspected presence. You shoot only when you know absolutely what you are shooting at and what is beyond it. 
  • I think you've covered all the bases with those rules. I especially like rule number 1 and number 3. Those are ones that we should all learn first and foremost with gun safety. These rules can definitely save lives. it is important to teach our children that guns are dangerous weapons. They are not toys, and they are not to be played with. Be careful out there.
  • Chimo's quoting Jeff Cooper's 4 rules is right. Gun Safety is actually about gun use preparation. 1) Says that if we are to own a gun, the gun is a tool that should always be loaded and ready to be used. 2) Says be prepared mentally and physically to use the gun as it was intended. This is a show stopper for some women because we have a hard time realizing that if we don't shoot to kill all we are doing is giving our attacker a chance to take our tool. 3) Accidents won't happen if you are not prepared for and working towards number 4. 4) Lock on your target and act. All the safety you need when utilizing a gun but gun use preparation requires practice. So I would add a good instructor, research and target shooting often.
  • I think the safety is what most people forget in regard to guns.  I know a few people who just should not have guns (even though they have no priors), simply because they will do dumb things that will hurt someone some day, like using a gun like a pointer finger.  Seriously.  My cousin's ex-husband used to point at things with his gun in his hand.  And, no, he did not have the safely on.  I had to tell him that.  Then he acted slightly embarrassed, like someone who put their shirt on inside out. 
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    proper training and respect is a must for anyone with a gun,otherwise you have a idiot with a gun.
  • Idiots with guns are the main reason FOR gun control laws.  Stories about dangerous accidents are why people think that the general public shouldn't have guns.  They make gun owners look like irresponsible teenagers. 
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    Your right but we can't blame all, for what a few idiots do.We can be only  responsible for ourselves and not others,and can't be held accountable for others,and this is what is happening.The laws can only do the same.

  • I agree.  That's why they make me so angry.  They are the ones who ruin things for everybody.  Now, I have stated before that I don't have a gun. That doesn't mean that nobody should have guns.  I think the right to have a gun should be extended to those who don't abuse it.  People like that guy who was showing the gun to his friends and got shot because he and his friend were fighting over it blur the lines.  They cause gray areas.  Well, this person had a clean background check, but then ended up misusing his gun.  It's very difficult to make clear-cut gun laws and regulations when you have people like him (and his friend) gumming up the works. 
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    There is no way of removing idiots from the equation that we are stuck with.That doesn't mean we can't have common sense solutions for the majority,because 100% is out of the question,that's just human nature.People misuse a lot of stuff,but that doesn't mean you try and remove it from existence.Whether people want to admit it or not a gun is a needed tool and not only for protection from evil but also hunting and varmint control and from wild animals in some places,and yes target shooting for some it is there hobby and hobbies are a good thing and harm no one.
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    @nailah783  you don't just pick and choose the rules you like, you teach all 4 of's like layered security...even if one is breached or forgotten, the others might still prevent you from having a bad day. 
  • It's true there is no way of removing the idiots from the equation, but better to teach the best as possible first, rather than just say "screw it, they will always be there." Knowledge is power, and the farthest we can reach is the best. 
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    I agree completely, gun owners should act responsibly, just as those that drive large trucks or cars or fly airplanes or any number of machines that can kill people if the operator is negligent.

    However, when Government is too involved, often people are denied a concealed weapons permit due to too many restrictions, Washington D.C., is a good example, NYC, Maryland, all place money or a business as a reason to carry handgun, protection is not considered a valid reason.

    Oddly enough the States with the most restrictions NYC for example, have the highest crime rates, while States with no restrictions aside from a normal instant backround check, States like Vermont have a very low rime rate.
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    I support the cultivation of a good moral standing as a prerequisite to any interaction with guns. The fact remains that most things in the hands of a morally deficient individual can be put to lethal use. For instance a harmless gardening tool in the hands of a criminal can serve as a lethal weapon and vice versa. But that said and done, its important to take cognisance of the fact that there is no predictor of a person's predilection. You have seen cases of otherwise normal and responsible people turning into raging killers at the bat of an eyelid.
  • guyguy
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    It's common sense, anything beyond that is just the personal choice of the person who owns the gun. You know not to buy a butter knife and go stab someone with it because of the damage it can do, then there are the people out there who will use any weapon to kill. It's just up to the person who has the potential weapon to not do wrong with it.
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