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Gun Laws

I don't own any guns.  I have never bought any guns.  I'm not anti-gun; I just have had no need for one.  I don't hunt, and I don't use one for protection.  Do gun laws vary from state to state?  What is the waiting period?  What are the gun laws in your state? 


  • I believe they do vary from state to state, but probably not a huge difference. The waiting period is a couple of months and you can open carry here.
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    I am in IL. first before you can even think of buying a gun legally any way is to get a F.O.I.D card issued by the state police.Then you can purchase and have a gun legally.The waiting period for long guns is 24 hours and 72 hours for hand guns.You can't have any type of violent record or no card and no gun.Then if you break any gun law,or violent crime, or hunting you lose your F.O.I.D card and all rights to have guns even on your premises.
  • Gun laws do vary from state to state, and the waiting period is different from state to state. Where I live it is a week long turn around for the background check. You can open carry here too. I don't hunt as much as I used to when I was still living with my dad, but I'm not against guns either.
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