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edited March 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
Are there any NRA members here?  I know that they get kind of an extremist rap in the news.  What are your personal views on guns? I know that you are probably pro-gun, being that it's a firearm association, but is there anything that you have seen about the NRA that has personally ruffled your feathers?  Negative opinion or misconceptions; things like that.


  • I'm not a member of the NRA. Honestly, I don't know much about them. But, a lot of people tend to think that America loves guns so much because we need protection from other people, for home invasions and things like that. That's not the main reason the Second Amendment was put into place, it was originally to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. The world has changed tremendously since 1776 but Americans still have a huge problem trusting our government. Giving up ownership of guns completely would be giving up our right of revolution (overthrowing the government), and America as a whole just isn't ready to do that. Though, I may be wrong but I think that's a focus point of the NRA.
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     You are right Destiny. Throughout history, dictators and lesser despots have always seen the benefit of confiscating weapons from the general public. Adolf Hitler comes to mind here, along with all Communist-led countries. Obviously there's a reason for that. Our Constitution provides us protection from that scenario. The U.S. government is only there to serve the U.S. public; It must never be the other way around. The NRA, of which I am a member, is in place to protect our 2nd. amendment rights. I will add that we certainly DO have a right, and an obligation to protect ourselves, and our families, from criminals who have no regard for gun laws.
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    I am not a member as of yet,but anybody that stands up for peoples rights instead of trying to take them away have my vote.They have done more for gun safety education then anyone else has.They are open and honest about what they are trying to do for their members and other gun owners.Even though many call them extremest,that's like calling the kettle black.
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    I have been an NRA Life Member since I was teen...roughly 40 years.  That said, while I still support them where we agree, I am no longer a big fan.  What I have learned after 40 years of them slowly compromising away our right to bear arms is that, like any political organization, their top priority is perpetuating their own existence.  Thus they always need a bogey man to keep the dollars flowing in and they are more likely to compromise than stand their ground.  There are other organizations like Gun Owners of America who do a much better job of advocating for our basic human right to keep and bear arms. 
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    What I find hilarious is this old saw that the NRA owns our government.  Money owns our government...and in comparison to the money the big banks, corporations and of course, big pharma throw at the government, the NRA is more akin to a middle-class taxpayer.  
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    I can't believe that people can think our government is that weak that it can be controlled by one organization like the NRA,instead of them just actually showing that they do have a little common sense once in awhile.They realize that the anti's and such are trying to go to far.If they were to ask for something that was more realistic,maybe a happy medium could be found for everyone.
  • I don't need to be part of an organization like that. I support them, but I don't need to be a member or anything like that.
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    I have become a member sense my last posting and glad I did with all the stupid law proposals the government are trying to pass it needs to stop and any part I can help with I will and NRA is a good start.I am also in contact with my state representatives to try and make a difference.
  • How can people think that the NRA controls the government if the government is trying to get guns banned?  That doesn't even make any sense.
  • The main problem that I have with the NRA is how tightly they have representatives wrapped around their fingers. The majority of the Republican party is selling out to the NRA in order to get campaign financing. Of course it's not only the Republicans, as Democrats are doing this to a degree as well. This really prohibits meaningful gun-control legislation to be passed, as the NRA is generally more conservative than the average American in terms of their views of deregulating the gun industry.
  • Meaninful gun-control legislation ? what does that even mean ? before I can take possesion of a firearm, I have to pass a background check, it cross references the NICS system and contains data from the entire Country ! this is in all 50 States ! some people with criminal records even some missdeamenor violations cannot legally bear firearms and if they are caught with one, are going to jail !

    Only goof balls call for more gun control when we have enough gun control in place.
  • Show me any gun control legislation that has controlled crime, you can't, and the NRA notwithstanding, the FBI has proved the anti gun claims false
    with facts.
  • Truth is spouting numbers does not mean much, I have observed things first hand, I have had to defend myself and others, all this has another meaning for me, I have never blindly followed any belief, my mom and dad were anti gun, I found out on my own, I made up my own mind to understand that anti gun people are wrong.
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