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This image says it all:

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6
This image says it all: 



  • Yeah, I disagree with taking away guns for protection.  If there is a person shooting, I would like to know that there is someone there who can take care of my child.  I think that's why there are so many school shootings.  They are a easy area because there is no defense.  I mean, if you are going to make areas "gun free", shouldn't you find some other way to defend them, instead of leaving them defenseless?

  • Absolutely. I do think that if we are going to arm people to defend our children, that we need to have a severe psychological exam of anyone that wanted the job. It would need to be the same exam that they give all of those people mentioned above and then some to guard our children. I am so tired of our children being defenseless. There's a special place in hell for the people that hurt our children. 
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    If you would honestly think about this,having a gun free zone is just putting a target on those people in them zones.This is what criminals look for is easy prey and what is easier prey than a unprotected child.Yes it is sad that the world is that way,but it is.Most criminals use guns because they are cowards that's why they use guns in the first place it makes them feel tough and give them the upper edge.We need to balance things out and protect the ones that can't protect them self's.Then you have the mentally ill that don't much care about law either.
  • How much are you going to pay those Security Guards ? it is a very low paying job, and by the way, even Police candidates do not get a severe psychological exam.
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