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What gun type did you first learn to shoot?

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6
I grew up using guns for hunting, so naturally I first learned to shoot using rifles (of a few different calibers). When I started pursuing law enforcement, I joined an all women's gun club, called the "Garden Club"-haha. I really enjoy shooting handguns, they are a lot of fun for target shooting and to me would be better utilized as protection than a rifle. 

What gun did you first learn to shoot on? And if it was when you were a child, would you have rather learned on a different type of gun?


  • Posts: 234
    I learned on my dad's single shot 22 and then moved up to a 16ga. pump shot gun.I now own about 20 different guns and enjoy shooting them all.I am also a hunter and find it quite rewarding,and love target shooting.
  • My dad never told me what kind of gun it was.  I remember more of what he taught me about guns in general than what type of gun I learned to shoot first.  I remember the kickback, though.  He forgot to warn me about that.  I fell down but didn't get hurt.  We had a good laugh after he realized I was okay.
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    I got knocked down on my first attempt with the 16ga. also just part of the learning I guess and quick way to respect them.We laughed too when it was all over,I taught mine the same way it gives them that lasting memory and he learned respect that day to and that is some thing that will stay with you forever.I think alot of the anti's did not have that growing up and maybe made them feel the way they do about guns and think they are only for killing people.
  • I think so, too.  Most of them probably have had bad experiences with guns.  Or no experience at all-just what they see in the news. 
  • I first learned how to shoot a beebee gun. My dad felt that was the safest route to teach me on. Actually no, I take that back. The first gun I learned how to shoot was the gun for Duck Hunt on Nintendo. LOL. Then we moved to a beebee gun. Then a shot gun I think.
  • The first gun I shot was my boyfriends smith and Wesson 40. I remember being so nervous because it was my first time shooting a gun. I remember all the videos of guns that were really strong. After I pulled the trigger for the first I was in love and knew it was something I really wanted to learn about and peruse. 
  • I think the first gun I fired was a .22 LR semiautomatic rifle at a shooting gallery, IIRC, it was a Marlin 60, it had a tubular magazine and the guy had preloaded copper tubes to rapidly dump 10 rounds and load the magazine tube, I was pretty young then maybe 9 or 10 years old, I also remember some older boys had been following me around the Carnival calling me queer and other stuff, they tried that ince when I was standing there with the rifle pointed downrange, the oldest boy called me a faggot, and I looked him straight in the eye, he looked at the rifle in my hands and almost passed out staggering in fear, turned tail and ran away.
    It was then I fully realized that guns are indeed the great equalizer.
  • I haven't hold or tested a gun yet before and I haven't been on a gun shooting range either. But for me, If I would learn to shoot, the type of a gun that I would pick is the handgun or pistols like I"m pretty sure that these gun will save my life someday and also It can comes up on a different size, like you can carry it on your bag or on your pocket as well.
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    I only touch is a toy gun for playing but if i touch or i saw the original gun im scared because many kills people because of gun and gun use to bully people gun is have a positive and negative effect but in a totaly its a bad effect because many people die even good people because of not proper use of gun thats why i scared when im saw the gun
  • My dad was in the military. And I used to go to their camp site when I was in the middle school. His co-soldiers usually letting me hold their unloaded riffle. And I feel in love with it. That's is why I own an M14 today.
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