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definition of "armor piercing"

edited October 2015 in Gun Law Facts Posts: 1
My understanding of the law is that any bullet that can pierce "bullet proof" vests is considered "armor piercing" but that an exemption exists for bullets used primarily for "sporting" purposes (hunting and shooting competition).

That means that pretty much all bullets used in hunting are "armor piercing".

I've been trying to locate where in the legal statutes that is says that armor piercing bullets are bullets that can penetrate bullet proof vests (kevlar).

Would appreciate any help on this.



  • I found this.  I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for.  ;

    Also "armor" is defined by Merrium-Webster as:

  • special clothing that people wear to protect their bodies from weapons

    : a hard covering that protects something (such as a vehicle or an animal)

    : soldiers and vehicles (such as tanks) that are protected with armor

    Sorry.  this section got cut out of my post and I don't know how to edit a post that has been posted.

  • I think it's any kind of amour, which is whatever is used for protection. I don't think that it is specifically for bullet proof vests, but anything that is supposed to protect you from a bullet, but is rendered useless with a certain type of bullet. Those bullets are illegal.
  • I agree with nailah.  I don't think that a statute exists specifically for  Kevlar, but I think it's covered under armor-piercing, since it counts as armor. 
    Thanked by 1nailah783
  • There are specifically designed Military rounds or ammunition defined as Armour piercing, I saw rifle rounds in Military service designated as " Armor piercing" they were labeled "Armor piercing" steel core ammo for punching through light personal armor, and each round had a blue stripe painted on the bullet, IIRC, .308 caliber NATO, they also had depleted Uranium light armor for penetrating lightly armored vehicles like cars, jeeps, trucks, light personnel carriers and light tanks, ammo reffered to as so called tank busting ammunition fired from portable recoiless rifles, 20 mm etc....
    Very unhealthy to handle lightly radioactive ammunition.

    Hunting rifle ammunition is not armor piercing, nor is it designed or meant to be armor piercing, it can however, travel fast enough, to defeat or pierce light body armor or even light vehicle armor however.

    What there is is a complete lack of knoweledge of how ammo works, and a idea that banning objects will somehow make us safe from criminals and criminal acts when nothing could indeed be further from the truth.
  • Error; passage should have read; depleted Uranium light armor piercing ammunition, for penetrating lightly armored vehicles.....
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