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Gun Control and Hunting

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 39

I'm curious if anyone has thought about what extreme gun control could do to our ability to hunt. I know that a lot of research has been done to prove that if we don't hunt society will not be able to support the deer population. We have built up in areas where animals ran wild. What happens when deer are on our roadways and it starts to cause loss of human life do to rampant accidents? I am also curious about the coyote population. I for one don't want coyotes killing my domestic pets or farm animals that I intend to eat. How do we change the discussion from gun violence to legitimate gun use?



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    I have thought about this and I think this to is part of their agenda,because most anti gun are also anti hunting.Although many of the anti's would not admit this is true at this time,because this would be to much to push at one time.Don't be fooled though that is part of their devious plan,first the control of guns,and then the ban on hunting.They think it is more humane to let them starve or die of disease then to be shot and eaten.This is how they rational they make their decisions.We must fight this from ever happening.
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  • It would definitely affect people being able to hunt. Take away this right ad you've stripped them all.
  • I think it would impair but not destroy our ability to hunt.  People were hunting with spears and bows and arrows and swords before guns existed.  Some hillbilly (I do not use this word in a derogatory manner; many people call themselves this) cultures use traps and other methods.  Mainly, this is so that the sound of a guns doesn't scare off other animals, as guns are noisier when shot in the woods than in most other areas.  I think that hunting is a biological imperative.  I have no malice toward vegetarians (I even eat vegetarian meals at least two or three times a week); I just think that our bodies need meat, otherwise we wouldn't be able to digest it.  I try to not go overboard; I think our bodies need balance.  We are omnivores, not carnivores or herbivores. 
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  • There are so many different ways to hunt, that gun control won't stop that. I know of people hunting with bows right now, and they have guns. Gun control won't get rid of the guns. It will just make it more difficult to get the guns. I'm all for the guns. I just don't think that everybody should have them. Everybody can't handle the responsibility of having them.
  • Nailah783 don't get me wrong, I also believe that not everybody should have guns. I'm not advocating arming our children or issuing guns at high school graduations. I just believe that the people who use guns in a legal manner including hunting (that is already regulated by the Fish and Game commission) should be able to speak out against further gun control. They ( Guns)are a responsibility that should be considered an honor.
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    I know there are other ways to hunt then guns,I do them also,but what I was saying is the anti gun people are also anti hunting.If we allow changes in one it will allow a opening to change others.The anti's are after a gun ban not gun control they just need to make a opening.They also want to ban hunting, is all I was getting at.Just check out the anti hunting groups they are against the guns as much as the hunting,they go hand in hand together.
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  • Yes very true, there are other ways to hunt like archery.
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    When it comes to hunting it is not about guns and gun control either,it is about other groups that don't think others should have the guns or the right to hunt.You have groups like anti-gun and liberals and then you have anti-hunting groups to like PETA that don't think any hunting or trapping should be allowed either.I just don't think others have the right to push their will unto others just because their believes are different.I don't push mine on them and I respect the same in return and leave law abiding citizens alone and go after the criminals and corrupt.
  • Hunting also includes traps, as well. There are so many different ways to hunt with different weapons/devices that it may hinder the hunting process for the gun users, but it wouldn't demolish it entirely. It may cause some difficulties with the deer population as well, as I imagine it would be difficult for some people to transition, and the population might take a spike.
  • I have not actually thought about this until now and that is a very scary thought. Not only will we have deer running in front of our vehicles but we could be in trouble when it comes to animals who may not have any fear of humans. Even animals such as BlackBerries I have not actually thought about this until now and that is a very scary thought. Not only will we have deer running in front of our vehicles but we could be in trouble when it comes to animals who may not have any fear of humans. Even animals such as Black Bear, or wolves we may have to be afraid of in the future. There has been a large sighting of wildcat in the area to which is also very frightening if we do not own any fire arms.
  • I don't know about you, but I'm already pretty afraid of Black Bears and wolves, haha. Those animals in general are not as likely as a deer to run in front of your vehicle, however, and yet again, guns are not the only way to hunt, either. 
  • Yeah sure, so, how do I hunt with a bow ? too many injuries to work a bow, 52 years old too, not enough time to run trap lines, legally, and check them every day, traps are full time job, I only have 4 days of hunting, traps are not an option for me. No, my only real option is hunting with rifles, handguns, bolt action or semiautomatics.

    Not everyone can use all the options you expert hunters use, must be some great hunters here to have so many opinions and options for everybody ! lol
  • I just feel as though the whole gun control has got way out of control. If the avocates for gun control do not stop and think about things I am afraid everything in one aspect or another will be effectedin a horrible way. I have always been big into hunting and it does help put meat in my freezer throughout the winter. I only hope people will stop and consider this as well as the over population problems that will develop inthe wild game.
  • Yes, hunters are the best option to keep animal populations healthy and in check, hunters also help feed game animals, fowl, deer etc during off season, hunters pay through hunting license fees and firearms related taxes, a large share of expenses related to wetland preservation, Ducks unlimited as well as many other fine organizations, the anti hunters contribute nothing to preserve wildlife, if hunting is banned, it would Effectively cripple wildlife conservation efforts, and the cost of wildlife conservation efforts would skyrocket exponentially.

    Anti hunting and anti gun people do nothing constructive to help, they only seek to ban the object of their irrational hate, all firearms, projected inadequacy that these people feel, they hate how we as gun owners are in control of our own lives, and they wish to take is from us so we can be as weak and defenseless as they are.
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