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Weapon Escalation

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246

I think that with or without gun restrictions, this is a big problem.  I get wanting to defend yourself.  I want to make this clear: I am not opposed to civilians owning guns!  But it does come with a set of problems, as does banning guns.  I heard it described best in Batman Begins:   "We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor piercing rounds. "  How can we stop this?  If not, stop, what can we do about this?


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    I think the best we can do right now is to try and level the playing field(sorta of speak) and that is to defend ourselves against the wrong that is aimed at the innocent.It is known that criminals seek out the weak and unprotected,because they don't like even odds where they might be the ones getting hurt.Until the law will reinforce the laws we do have,I think this our best option.I am not picking on you Tommigun just using you as a example sense you have stated that you didn't see the need for a gun to protect yourself,this is exactly what the criminals are looking for,and heaven forbid something would ever happen to you.I don't believe in letting something bad to happen before we decide to protect ourselves,I believe in prevention when possible.There is no simple fix to violent crime,but I do think we have to stand united to fight it.
  • All we can do is just do what we can to protect ourselves and that's it. Be prepared the best we can individually.
  • There really isn't a lot we can do. I understand that we want to fix the issue, but there are too many illegal guns and bullets out there. The rules are only going to apply to law abiders because the people who have the illegal weapons obviously don't care about whether or not it is legal.
  • I don't feel picked on by you, rbower.  I don't feel I need a gun to protect me.  There are other ways.  My father and father-in-law were both Marines (may they rest in peace).  They taught me how to protect myself in many different ways, in case I don't have a gun on me or if the other guy happens to be faster.  I don't hate on those who do have guns for protection or fun (gun ranges, etc).  The only people that I think shouldn't have guns are those who use guns against others, unless it's to fight for their lives.  Actual self-defense, not against people who have said mean things to them.  Fight words with words. 
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    I agree,the only time a gun should be used as protection against someone that is going to do great bodily harm or to kill you or others.It should be the last resort.I would prefer other ways to when possible and I do.I am just saying if that situation arose and you didn't have a gun,the chances of other ways working would be slim to none,unless maybe if you were a black belt or something,and I am not.Then in that instance you don't get a do over.You have to be prepared for the worst,and then hope it never comes to that.It is a long story,but there have been times I was glad to have my gun,and no, no one got hurt luckily it just took warning shots,but it could have been different without my own gun.
  • That's why I don't disparage those who use them.  I know that they are tools and come in very handy (to put it mildly).  And it's not just my fists that I use.  I'm aware that if the only way that would work is if they are close to me and then they probably wouldn't be using a gun.  I have weapons.  I just have them in spots that are very opportune for me.  If the intruder can get to them, then he would be too close for a gun, anyway.  I don't want to go into too much detail about that and give away an element of surprise on the internet.  Just saying that I like to be prepared in many different ways.  I'm just afraid of hurting someone I love with a gun in my hand.  I'm not sure why but sometimes my hand will do this really weird thing where it kind of spasms to the side randomly.  For example, when I'm writing it will be words, then suddenly a line across the paper.  It gets very annoying.  I really don't want that to happen when I'm holding a gun.
  • TommiGun31, I think you have a valid question as long as the "they" you refer to is criminals. They are constantly in the news perpetuating gun violence and it makes people think about gun controls, gun ownership and every tax or law that can be establish to lesson gun crimes. I also think you are on the right track by calling it escalation. For every action their is a reaction and it's not going to stop until we get a handle on the difference between criminal use of a gun and legal use of a gun. Perhaps we do need to speak up more often and support our police and local government officials who speak for us. :)
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    I understand Tommigun,I didn't know.I think that is a very good reason and proud of you for recognizing it.I am also glad you have alternatives  and wish you the best of luck.I just wanted to point out that the best thing to do is meet force with force if needed.
  • I think it is important to have a back up way to defend yourself. What happens if you don't have a gun in the moment? You need to know some tricks. So I'm glad you do.
  • I realize that you didn't know.  That's why I explained it.  I just wanted you to understand that I have no problem with the general public having guns, I just don't like them for anything other than fun and in a place where I am not likely to hurt someone if things go wrong. 
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    There is nothing "to be done" about it. Until the NFA of 1934, Americans had historically always been better armed than their police and military.  The "escalation" is a direct result of the government trying ensure they are better armed than criminals by putting restrictions on law-abiding citizens, who after all are the only ones who pay attention to laws.  
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    I think if the government and states were really interest in helping with the illegal gun issues we have they could, by better enforcing the laws we have and holding criminals more accountable for their crimes. I think there is a lot of corruption in government and state officials this should be no secret to anyone. There is to much money to be made with crime, how else would this be getting worse instead of better. I think our so called president has even a different agenda but that is another sore subject.
  • Hear, hear, rbower80.  I agree.  Gun control laws are just some kind of Band-Aid to them.  They just want voters to like them.  They aren't giving any real consideration to helping the public.  They just want people to think they are trying to help. 
  • And what makes you think they aren't trying to enforce the laws? Or that even that wouldn't cause backlash? The United States is already constantly up in arms about pretty much everything they can complain about, this would be just another one of those times, if they tried to get stricter with the current laws. 
  • This is the worst thing about the current gun problem in America. There is no way for us to control any aspect of the process in order to protect ourselves. That is why I believe the government should crack down harder on gun control in order to find a balance between gun safety and freedom.
  • I agree with you, cooly. I think it needs cracked down on, but not entirely taken away. There has to be an in between we can reach that would make it fair for everyone, and something that is tolerable. There has to be bending on both sides of the spectrum. But a lot of the time, it doesn't seem like anyone is willing to do that. 
  • Yeah, cracked down on, yet in spite of all your Jimmy crack down, criminals don't care, only law abiding people are the ones to get cracked on, your crack down never does anything to crack down on crack head criminals that really need the cracking down crack down crack crack crack........ now I am confused, I better get cracking ! :-)
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    The necessity to apply external defenses is symptomatic of the breakdown of inner defenses responsible for restraint and good neighbourliness. There should be a paradigm shift to wean people away from overreliance on guns and other weapons without addressing the root causes of insecurity in the first place. Studies should be conducted to get to the factors behind some countries having low gun crime and homicide rates and benchmark this to quit our situations. What is happening is simply evolution of violence.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    There is nothing we can do about it, even if the people were to give up their guns because the government says so, there will always be the black market, and more and more people will be more willing to go to it because they want to defend themselves against people who also go to the black market for their weapons. 

    Weapons are here to stay no matter who regulates them.
  • im gonna swing under the chandilieeer, on the chandilieeer!
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    Escalation of gun is restricted if you are not authorized gun holder all problem in gun even escalation or take without authorization is solve if all people is cooperate to the law but all people canot cooperate its because he or she scared because sometimes if you speak to authority that these group or these people is have a gun your life is danger because its used in not good thing thats why scalation is one part that people use gun to bully man.
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