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Gun control; should we ban them?



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    The right to defend one's self, family, property and community by any means is not a "privilege" it is an inherent human right that predates governments and constitutions.  That right is further guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  Your question is silly and inflammatory.  
  • I do not believe that guns should be totally banned. My thought is that they should be harder for people on the streets to get a hold of. If they are ban how will the US save us from terrorism or other strong threats we have experienced. Guns should only be aloud to the military, bodyguards, and people who have done their best to get a license. 
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    If you want it harder for them to get guns on the street then they are going about it all wrong.Tell me when a law,restriction,or even a ban of anything has ever put a stop to anything. Just take a look at all the laws we have and every one of them still get broke, and then ask yourself why and you should come up with the lawless don't care about the law. We have laws covering all the evil in the world already but if they don't enforce them better then they have none are going to do much good. Instead they keep trying to punish the ones that do obey the laws and if you can't understand that then I don't think your values are in the right place.
  • tutkovaj, you want to know what the chances are?  For me, 100%, as I have been attacked.  I have been shot at, nearly raped (the man tied me to a tree), I have been stalked, and a whole myriad of other problems that I would rather not discuss here.  I have seen someone being chased and beaten by a pipe and the police did nothing.  I am not naïve to the way the world works.  I would also like to add that, although I support gun ownership, I don't own one.  Sometimes, my hand will veer off to the side involuntarily.  I have found other ways to protect myself, but I'm not trying to take away the right for someone else (who is trained to care for, respect, and use a firearm) to protect themselves in a way that feels comfortable for them. 

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    I think the chance of these things happening are a lot greater then most seem to think, and because the cops do nothing about it they are never known and accounted for.I think some is because some cops are lazy and others because of some of the silly laws we do have to protect the criminals rights,but what about ours. Their so called statistics only count crimes that have been acted upon not reported on.Please don't take this wrong way or anything Tommigun,But I think these bad experiences you have had has made you a better and stronger person.
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    @Dasjdas2 You might want to rethink that...since millions of us share Edward Abbey's feelings on the matter:

    “When guns are outlawed, only the Government will have guns. The Government - and a few outlaws. If that happens, you can count me among the outlaws.”

    ― Edward AbbeyPostcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast

    Do you really want to start a civil war on your own fellow citizens?
  • I understand, rbower.  I don't think you are trying to minimize what happened to me or say that it was a "good thing" because of the outcome. You were giving me a compliment and some consolation and it's appreciated. 
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    Speaking on behalf of the youth in our country, not limiting the access & use of guns will guarantee a more dangerous, more anxious society. Beginning to gradually ban and/or limit access & monitoring the results, I.e.,
    hunters rights, sensible people's right to defense, crime rates, etc, is soooo much more sensible than the status quo. It's been said that the definition of insanity is to continue what's not working, & believing it will work.
  • Duffy, I agree that what we have now isn't working, but I think that the change we need to make is in people, otherwise the violence will continue.  If they don't have guns, they will just find other weapons to use against each other.  The root of the problem is people and how they cope with their problems. 

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    I agree the way things are handled are not working,but in no way is it the law abiding citizens fault or the guns we have.If you try and put limitation on law abiding citizens you will just end up with more people on the wrong side of the law.The youth in my life understand and respect guns and human lives,and why is this because they are educated about them.I could let a loaded gun laying around any of the youths around me and they would never touch it without permission (NO I DON'T LEAVE THEM LAY AROUND LOADED) just making a point,and no they don't listen to everything but they do understand about guns and that is the whole point.They don't run around and say things like they want to kill because they get mad like I have heard other kids do that are not taught the right and wrong about guns and lack of human life.I start taking the kids in our family's hunting very early in life and it helps educate them.
  • Well said, rbower.  I'm glad you put in that you don't leave them loaded.  Not because I was worried that you did, but because it's important that people know there are still responsible gun owners around.
  • I personally do not believe in owning a gun. I do not think that there should be a ban on guns but I do think that more people should be convinced not to have them. It is everyone's personal right to own a weapon to protect themselves but I think every person that purchases a gun should be informed of the facts beforehand.

    People say, I need the gun to protect myself and my family. Well, in most cases, people are talking about home invasions and robbery. If guns were banned, criminals would have to search elsewhere and pay a lot more to purchase a firearm. In that case, criminals that would normally rob homes would not be the ones with the guns. They are committing robbery because they need money. They are not going to go out and spend all that money on a gun just to commit a robbery to maybe get something worthwhile. 

    As far as protecting yourself and your family from these criminals with the guns, who wouldn't have them if they were banned, you need the gun to be accessible. That brings in the danger of having your gun in a place where your children can get to it. If you say, no it's locked in the safe to keep it away from my children, how are you going to get to it in time to defend yourself? When the robber breaks in are you going to ask him/her to wait a minute for you to go get your gun? It's absurd. 
  • Posts: 234
    Like I said before everyone has the right to their opinion,but I am too.If guns were banned I surely don't think that will effect the criminals having a gun or not,remember they are criminals and don't obey or respect the laws already now do they.All my guns are locked up except for my self defense gun and it is only accessible to me so no threat to anybody I don't want it to be.Now for most hard case robbers it is not about the money it is about the thrill of it and to see what they can get away with.I think education and research on the criminal mind is a great way of understanding what you may be up against,you can't look at it logically because they don't.If you don't wish to own a gun that's fine that is your right,just like owning one is my right,and try to change that is trying to push your will onto me and that is where it becomes wrong,just like if I say you have to have a gunthat would be wrong of me.
  • I'm not saying this to argue that you should have your own free will or anything, but if you look at what you said in another standpoint, rbower80, you could say the same about serious drugs. Say you wanted to do meth - it's your right to, but it's still incredibly dangerous. Doesn't make it any less just because you want to. 
  • No.  I don't think we should ban guns.  Look at the issues other countries are having with their leader's dictatorship.  Guns are not allowed in Illinois and look at Chicago, the city with the highest crime rate, violence and gangs.  Murders happen every night there.  I know I'm not going to change the mind of anyone just by posting my beliefs, but I hope it opens the eyes of some people.  If we ban guns, it will only eliminate the use of firearms to those that actually need it.  People who are trying to arm themselves to protect themselves will not be able to have guns, but the criminals are not going to be afraid to break the laws, so they will have guns anyways.  It just doesn't make any sense in my opinion.
  • Actually, Chicago isn't the city with the highest crime rate. In fact, Chicago is not even in the top 10. And there are cities that ARE in the top 10 that DO have guns, and clearly that hasn't changed the fact. Please check your facts before stating that it's the worst.
  • I believe that the possession of guns should have a balance between control and freedom. I think that technologies such as smart guns should be enforced heavily. I also think that there should be several places people should not be allowed to carry any type of firearm, especially anywhere in public. It has been proven several times that even if someone carries a gun to protect themselves their survival chances do not go up because they are not trained properly to handle a weapon. So, why are guns still allowed to be concealed in some states? 
  • You mean, like the already existing Gun free zones? They already have it at a lot of places, like certain companies, schools, etc. Some parks even do it, too. I think you're right it needs to be a little stricter, but we're already part of the way there. 
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    Funny how nobody looks at actual facts,
    Vermont has only an Instant backround check NICS, for firearms,
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    For me my opinion in this is very hard its because we need to cooperate all people to do this.If this happen it would only apply to law.citizens that have guns to protect her life againts people not doing bad to her, and to protect their families and property. If you take guns out of the right hands then they will only be in the wrong hands because if gun used in a bad way its terible.
  • I guess we should not ban it totally. We just need to regulate the ownership of guns properly. So it wouldn't end up on the hands of irresponsible people. 
  • The entire idea of gun control is to keep people who would break the law. Guns can save peoples lives.But sometimes guns can take away people lives too.Maybe we can follow the gun control law.But criminals don't follow laws.Maybe gun control can reduce crimes.But as long as criminals and irresponsible people have their guns.I think the citizens should have their guns too.
  • We all have diffrent opinions and reasons about this issue. but for me Yes.It will be better if we ban guns.Simply because as I can see it,guns only brings terror to people.I see more negative effects to people than positive.
  • To begin with, argel241, any US citizen supporting a ban is my enemy: bans are unworkable, unlawful, ineffective, impossible to accomplish and it's not why I or millions of other men & women have served (many sacrificing their lives doing so) in the armed forces of our great nation.  The idea of surrendering a basic right is utterly contemptible & despicable . . .
  • There is no way that I'm going to support banning guns totally out of use because it serves good purpose as when it's in the right hands. The only reason why there is clamor to ban guns is because of those who abuse it and use it in committing all sorts of evil, robbery, acts of terror etc. If guns can be made in such a way that it's going to be difficult to fall in the bad hands, I definitely believe that this issue of ban guns would be put to rest.
  • I am a non violent person so  banning the guns won't negatively affect me. Altough, they shouldn't be completely banned but there should be a rigurous process to get a gun, including psyhical check ups and also they should require strong reasons for owning a gun. Not everybody should be allowed to own a gun claiming it's for safety. There have been enough tragedies already, and we need to learn from the past mistakes and make the world a better and safer place for our children.
  • If guns had never been allowed here, and criminals did not have any way to buy or steal weapons, then having a ban on guns might stop some crime; but it would still be easier for a criminal to get a weapon to kill people than it would be for an honest person to get one to defend themself with.
    Even so, at this point in time, there are so many people here in the United States that already have weapons, it is pretty easy for criminals to buy a stolen gun from a thief.
    I do not see any problem with regulating gun sales, and people signing for them, just like we do for a vehicle or even a driver’s license. This is not going to stop thieves from stealing guns, and it probably won’t stop any of the shootings that we have been having more and more often here.
    In fact, the places where the most people own and carry weapons are the places that are the safest because the shootings all happen at a place where weapons are not allowed.
  • Tatiana22: nowhere in our constitution is any manner of reference to a requirement of lawful citizens that they                         demonstrate "strong reasons" for firearms ownership & possession --- such is a protected right.
  • I equate guns with protection not violence.  If we ban guns then only people that don't obey the laws(criminals) will have guns.
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