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Reduce gun violence

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
Here is an infographic about gun violence. There are a few simple things to reduce gun violence around us. 


  • I agree with some of these, especially the childproof guns.  This could significantly reduce needless deaths of children finding and playing with guns.  However, the ammo limit doesn't really make much sense.  If you are trusted with a gun, you should be trusted with ammo. 
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    I too agree with child proofing,the others not so much.I also think you need to have one gun handy for protection,but PROPERLY stored OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.I do already it is common sense to me,only the irresponsible seem to have a problem with this.
  • ErinMarie_89, The link you provided gives a 404 error. I was curious to read what TommiGunn31 and rbower80 had read about child proof guns but it's no longer there.
  • CherylTorrie, I just tried getting it back and the same thing happened to me.  I don't remember all of it, but it was mostly stuff like, a more strict ammo limit and childproof guns.  Most of what I remember is just the more of the same gun control proposals that keep getting batted around. Not getting rid of guns, but putting more restriction on how much people can have, etc.  It would be helpful to get a list here, though, ErinMarie_89.
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    I can't get it back either,but like Tommigun said most was the same old stuff,like banning assault rifles,limiting ammo,child safety locks,and I think restricting number of guns you can have or buy,and 1 more I can't remember.
  • Thank you TommiGun31 and rbower80. I imagine it was. The thing I always watch for on these lists is who generated them. Are they to be decided on a state to state basis or are we allowing the federal government to oversea gun controls. I worry that another million page document (like the affordable health care act or the DOT Carrier safety administration documents) and the political powers in Washington can get any law passed and not consider the full ramifications and enforcement. Oh and I personally believe there is no childproof gun. Children have no fear and amazingly inquisitive minds. If there's a way they will discover it. The only childproof gun is now and always will be a gun that is not in a child's hand.
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    With that said,If you really want to reduce violence you need to reduce violent people and improve the situations that may make people violent.I don't mean guns either that is just a means to the end that they choose.I mean our responsibility to people.That is to help them when needed and make sure the help is there for all,instead of shrugging it off,or thinking it is someones else problem,or it is not my responsibility.It is everyone's responsibility that should be plain to see,family,friends,teachers,doctors,law enforcement,and yes even strangers.If you see someone that is obvious in need of mental health it should be addressed,instead of just telling yourself,boy that person needs help.I think a lot of this could be stopped before it escalates out of control and ends up being just another statistic.
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     I got the 404 message as well. I just want to say that I don't believe the government has any right whatsoever to infringe on a citizen's right to bear arms. Parents need to be careful with the guns! They also need to enforce rules about guns from the time their kids are small!  Growing up in the south, everybody I knew owned at least one gun. We children knew better than to touch them! We don't have a gun problem. We have a problem with kids who believe themselves to be victims.
  • jbbarn, I grew up the same way.  I wasn't raised in the South, but I was raised in a rural area.  Most people I grew up around hunted, so guns were everywhere.  We were taught to never touch guns without someone else around.  Most of the adults that I knew had gun cases or gun racks that were up so high, we couldn't get to them.  I agree with, CherylTorrie, that children are inquisitive.  However, that isn't the problem.  The problem is a lack of respect.  A lot of children today will do something just because an adult told them not to.  I'm not referring to toddlers; most very young children don't understand.  I'm talking about school-aged children. 
  • Why not just call it plain VIOLENCE, not gun violence, feet violence, knife violence, the stupid gun clack is always trying to focus on guns, it is violent people that use guns, that is the real problem, not the guns themselves.
  • I got the error as well. Violence isn't going to end as rbower80 stated until people's situations change. We live in a messed up world where no one wants to take responsibility. Where it's easier to pick up a gun or even your fist and take care of problems that way. Unfortunately even in the worst of violent situations, when criminals go to prison for awful violent acts they are given more respect in prison than they were ever given in their outside life. They are guaranteed a warm bed, a shower, three meals a day, and probably more social activity than they had before. When put on death row at least they don't have to die alone. It's a sad world when prison or even being gunned down by police is a better life than their regular lives. Make prisons like they were back in the early 1900s. I think a lot of violence and other crimes would reduce greatly.
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    It is a nice one, thank you for posting it.
    Yes, gun laws are really important. Not wholly restrict them but have laws that are strict. I do believe that guns kill people, not the person using the gun.

    We need intelligent and clear conversations about gun control I think. 
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