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Just in case of any interest - Suicide rates by country

edited November 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
Through all of the debates I hear of how banning guns in Australia and places like Japan just to mention a couple how they make it sound like it has been a cure for suicides,so I did a little research on it.Although granted gun suicide may have dropped,but not so much the suicides itself,out of 170 countries USA is classified 50th and Australia is rated 54th,and Japan is number one for being the worst.First about the USA we had around 30,000 out of around 316 million people and Australia had around 2,132 out of 23 million now that is around 13 times smaller than us remember.I am not sure how you would average that between the two different amounts of population,I don't think you can simply times Australia numbers by 13 because as numbers would grow I am sure it change things as it goes,but I don't think it would be a real big difference considering of the number between having guns and not.Then for Japan the numbers of suicides are so high from just the number of people that jump in front of trains to commit suicide that they started charging family members for the clean up.That's not even counting all the other ways,and they have some of the strictest gun laws around.I am not trying to start any arguments here,it just made me interested enough to look and thought I would share it.It just shows I think that you just can't take guns out of the equation and said it solves something.It just proves they will find a different way,granted we may have more by gun because we have more guns,but it doesn't stop them from doing it.It also shows if you pick and choose what and how you do the numbers it can prove different things.


  • I completely agree with this.  I tried to kill myself three times. I never used a gun.  I tried the oven, a big kitchen knife and drowning.  I probably would have used a gun if I had access to one.  We were a gun-free household (my mother didn't like them).  What I'm trying to say is that if someone wants to die, they will use whatever they can. 

  • Posts: 21
    TommiGunn31, I'm glad you didn't succeed! I agree that suicidal people will always find a means to an end, as will those who kill others. I remember when Andrea Yates drowned her five children, I said we should ban bathtubs. Personally if I had a tendency toward suicide, I would prefer to use a gun.
  • Posts: 75
    I am suprised that somebody can attempt to kill themselves thrice in the face of uncertainty of what really happens after death. These is another dynamic to suicides. Some of those who commit suicides don't go alone. Some try to take out as many people as they can. When you put guns into the equation, things get scary.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    All these people commit suicide minds were trapped, and it's not their faults. I hate that they choose that route, but it is what it is. People will always find some way to get around what the average person doesn't want them to do. Killing themselves publicly is just another way of achieving their moment of fame, they just won't be around to hear about themselves in the news. I don't really care anymore, human kind is fucked up.
  • This thread underlines the issue of supreme incompetence of mental health care.

    Why is America so incompetent in this area?

    FEARS that remain unreasoned. Fear of our unconscious existence.

    Americans are perfect children/puppies when confronted with this matter.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Well if you going to look at ages of suicide incidents on that three countries,  Most of the suicidal in America and Australia are teens.  They depress at early at their ages, and maybe most of the reasons can be solve with the simple conversation. compare to japan, they reason actually most of them is pride, most of the suicidal person is the head of the family or the father, and most of the problem is can't provide a decent living for their family. 
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