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Top 5 causes of dying accidentally in USA

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
This just something I found interesting when searching for facts.The top five ways a accidentally dying according to the National Safety council is,vehicle accidents is 42,000,poisoning 39,000,falls 25,000,fires 2,700,choking 2,500,and they considered guns as #22 out of 25.I am sure you can find all different kind of numbers depending on where you look,I was just wondering sense everyone is always talking numbers.


  • Wow, I had no idea there were that many accidental poisonings. See, the things we learn when we research numbers. It's not always handguns but any handgun death is always in the news. And how often do you see death by fall reports on the news? Just blows my mind that the nation spends so much time and money on gun control and it is so low on he statistics list.
  • Yeah, but to be fair, these are accidental deaths.  Not all gun deaths are accidental.  The gun control laws are to stop (or at least lessen) all gun-related deaths.  I agree with a facebook post I saw.  It said, "What we need is child control, not gun control", meaning if we raise our children with more discipline, we may have fewer people who grow up to shoot others.
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     I'm kind of surprised by the number of poisonings and the falls. Those are huge numbers! I'm also shocked that the gun stastic isn't higher. The anti-gun people would have us believe that gun violence is the only known cause of death in the U.S.
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    I was surprised to at the results I found,I guess we just don't hear of these the way we do gun deaths.I know not all gun deaths are accidental, I am just trying to show if you would search things individually the numbers can be totally different from what the anti's try to show us.They try to lump everything about a gun altogether, when they talk about violent gun crimes, they show the accidents,suicides,unintentional,and murders together.I don't consider accidents and suicide, unintentional, violent crimes yes they are tragic but not done in a criminal act like murders.We all need to look at things fairly.
  • I'm not surprised at the number of falls.  I worked at a nursing home and hung out with boys in my teenage years.  :)  Honestly, I didn't know the exact number, but one of the points of the (many) in-services at the nursing home was that falls are way up there for accidental deaths.  And I get the point of what you were trying to say now, rbower.  I misunderstood before. 
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    yes Tommigun falls in nursing home are way high,my wife is a CNA at one and they probably average 3 a day not all fatal of course but it does happen.
  • I have to say, though, I didn't realize there were so many choking deaths and fires.  I actually think it's great that there aren't as many accidental deaths by firearms as I thought.  Whenever I see something on the news, I just keep wondering if there are more.  Now I know that there aren't that many more.  Ranked 22.  That's really cool.  It goes to show you how many gun owners are actually careful with them.
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    They just like to keep the gun deaths high on priority in the media,and I don't think that is real reporting that just shows you what side they are on.I have done a lot of research lately sense this real threat of gun control has started and trying to make as many aware as I can.I don't like what I have been finding, all the ways they are trying to stack things against us gun owners.
  • Real journalism has been dead for years.  It's all sensationalism; not just with gun, but with everything.  They use scare tactics because print and television journalism has been quietly dying out with the internet.  It's sad, but they will make everything they can look bad.  I'm waiting for the day when they say that your toaster will turn against you.

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    It's sad but true, most of all you see is negative and bad things and never hardly a happy story or what someone has done good. Then they wonder why the world is so negative about everything nowadays. Is it any wonder so many kids view the world as such a bad place to be. I think a lot of parents do the same thing, they tell and teach the kids negatively.
  • That's just plain truth about real journalism being dead. It's all come down to ratings which translates to viewers which further translates to cash. Most things are driven by appeal to human imagination relating to sensational, conspiratorial, adrenaline driven responses. news is not substantive anymore and facts are usually shady and swept under the caret as soon as another enticing piece comes in through a video from a cellphone.
  • It's because drama sells.  Look at the highest rated shows.  News (because I won't call it journalism anymore) is just trying to keep up with what else is being watched.  I agree, rbower, you don't see any of the feel good stories that are so desperately needed on the news.  I have only seen those things on facebook on the rare occasion when someone shares that instead of complaining.  Arthenel is also correct about news not being substantiated before it's aired anymore.  They are just in a hurry to scoop other stations.  They are no better than tabloids.
  • Medical malpractice kills and permanently harms way more people than those killed by or harmed by firearms, yet there are no calls for further restrictions on the practice of medicine and more Physician control or stricter Federal licensing requirements.
    At one time if a Physician lost licensure in one State, they could move to another and obtain a license to practice medicine until losing their license again due to malpractice.
  • I'm totally shocked on all these causes, but what is the most shocking for me is the poisoning and the falls. Like what are the people doing these days, and also the guns in the #22 are also a shocker for me.
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    Many people dies in diferent way thats why all people or goverment need to make a preventive idea to less people die in different casses even in holding of gun many dies for inproper use of guns even poison need to prohibited to buy an any store to prevent this car accident need to make something new to less people die in car accident we need a something new for these problem.
  • I'm shocked by the number of fire's and the number of falls. It's also scary because both happen in the home, a place where you're supposed to be safe. Falls probably happen to elderly people who find it hard to move around because of their age. Fires should be preventable. It should be mandatory for people to have free safety training and safe exits in case of anything. People should also have fire extinguishers and periodic inspections in their homes.
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