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When listening to the police scanner and you here shots fired, what is the first thing you think of?

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I was sitting watching TV and on the scanner I heard them call in that shots were fired, and the first thing I thought of was another drug deal gone bad. I thought it would be interesting what others thought of when they hear that on the scanner. Is it me or has this what the country has come too. I didn't think about someone being shot or killed, I thought about that after wards but not at the time I first heard it.


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    You won't be listening to much on the scanner for very long...most public safety communications systems are going to encryption, if they haven't already.  Indeed, most tactical channels are already encrypted, which is probably why you have to speculate, since you can't listen in on the subsequent communications on-scene. 
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     I always think somebody's been shot. Around here, we mostly have drug-related home invasions, and a lot of would be robbers have been shot during break-ins! That's fine by me! I'm always happy to hear about a homeowner defending himself and his/her family.
  • The first thing that comes to mind when I hear shots on a scanner is that some one has done something very stupid. Scanners are very reliable and lets you know that something has happen before it hits the news. I also get scared because I am always hoping it is not anyone some kin to me.
  • The first thing that jumps to my mind is "where"?  I used to live in a pretty bad neighborhood, so I always worry that it's someplace close, and I want to keep my family safe.  I have lost many people (including a 5-year stretch where I lost a family member every year and this year, where I lost three), so that is where my mind goes; how close was it to someone I care about?
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    I see people have different reactions and I guess that's a good think.I guess where I live knowing the why can kinda tell me where and what kind of person that is involved,in the towns around here bad drug deals go down all the time,though it is not always gun fire it maybe stabbing,or blunt force trauma,or what ever they feel that day it's all common nowadays.It makes me glad I live in the country although country crime is on the rise too but not like city or urban living.I just thought it would be interesting to know how others felt.
  • Yeah, the places where I lived, it was more stabbings and beatings with drug dealers.  They rarely use guns.  The bullet can be traced.  With knives, you don't leave part of the weapon in the body, like with a bullet.  Guns on drug dealers are usually for show. 

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    Yes bullets can be traced but they have to find the gun to trace it too, and you would be surprised how many guns are at the bottom of creeks and rivers around. Then you have the gang initiations where you need to shoot someone to join.The closest bigger town to me has only 27,000 people and it has probably 6 to 8 different gangs and some are just smaller parts of the larger gangs around the country.I can only imagine what it is like in the really big cities if it is this bad here.Then they want to say crime is down overall, well their just not being honest. The law enforcements are told which ones to report on is how they control the numbers but that is a whole different problem. You would be surprised how many crimes that happen that never make it to the media.
  • A lot of times, people get away with things because they "own" the police, especially in larger cities.  I know that one of the "cities" I lived in, people could get away with selling drugs if they cut the police in.  In fact, in that city, the corruption was so bad that they got rid of both the mayor and the police chief when they found a false back to the police chief's drawer that had thousands of dollars that was embezzled.  So, corrupt cops are really the problem with some of these gangs going wild.
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    Yes corruption is a big problem,they try and say crime doesn't pay but it must pay quite a bit to have all the corruption there is.Like they say greed is the root to all problems,and I agree,greed and power wins out every time nowadays.The problem is many don't see this or just won't believe it they blind themselves to the truth that is right in front of them.I don't think that many realize the problem with the gangs because they have become untouchable because of the corruption so it is not discussed like it should be.
  • I agree, plus I think gang violence has become so commonplace that people just don't notice it like they used to.  I also don't think the corruption of the police by gangs is just based in greed.  It is also fear.  There are more gang members than cops.  The gang members may have blackmailed or straight-up scared them into cooperation. 
  • Corruption is everywhere. It's not really an easy thing to stop. I mean, it's in almost every big store you have on your street, it's in the justice system, cops, judges, etc. It's in your job, or your school, with the "suck up" or teacher's pet. It's not only just in this that there is corruption and some may be a bit more serious than others, but it affects everywhere. 
  • When I hear this my hear starts pounding and I wonder where this is happening and hope it's not too close to my home.  I know the cops are there and are probably controlling things, but it's still scary not knowing how close this event is happening to your home.
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    Definitely when I hear something like that I think is it near my home or not. Because where I live its not uncommon for things like that to happen to around me so I need to make sure that my family is safe and okay. And another thought would be who is it because you never know it could be someone you know being shot or doing the shooting. My city is small city but it seems now that things are getting worse because different people migrate here and they tend to start trouble and do a lot of drug deals and robberies.
  • I can't say I do what the people here have been saying. It happens all the time in my area, so it's nothing new. It becomes pretty much just like every other day.
  • In actual experience, in NYC, listenening to different division frequencies, you could hear shots fired reports all night long, and most of the time, after checking, the unit would advise an unfounded disposition, people would shoot off guns all night long, it did not mean much, some odd folks would invest a bit in expensive thick plastic slabs like they have in banks, in front of windows to stop stray bullets.
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