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Non-Violent Gun Uses

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246

People on both sides tend to focus on the violent use of guns; whether positive or negative.  Most arguments I have heard have been that guns can be shot to either murder or defend others.  But what about the other uses?  Collectors, for example.   There are people who can own guns from the cradle to the grave and never use them.  They clean them and make sure they are beautiful only to put them in cases.  Guns can be used for art, as well.  I think we need to stop looking at certain uses for guns and try to see them as a whole.



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    I use them for hunting,target shooting,and also collecting,I collect old black powder shot guns,rifles,pistols,and also old single shot shot guns,I guess I like more of the guns that were or still used for hunting that is my real passion is in hunting.I also own semi-auto shot gun and a .22 semi-auto rifle again hunting mainly.I know some see hunting as violent but to me putting food on the table is not a violent act. I also own my 357 magnum that I to use for hunting and for protection and yes quite precise with.
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    As I have said before I have no issue with a responsible gun owner.  I am actually good friends with someone who has a gun cabinet that she keeps locked up most of the time.  Her brother owns a gun store that he runs responsibly.  So, I am somewhere in the middle on this.  When it comes to those who show the proper care that is necessary in owning a gun I have no issue.  But there are those who aren't responsible who allow their kids to get hold of them or get their hands on them for violent purposes with this  I do take issue.  I don't see guns as the problem I see irresponsibility and instability as the main problem.  
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    I do agree the problem is not with responsible gun owners, and if you take the time to figure out the number of legal gun owners in America and then figure out really the number of incidents that you speak of is a very low percentage when you have the total number of gun owners overall. They do try and make it sound like it happens a whole lot more then it does, but when you really look it's not.I wish it didn't happen at all either, but that is not looking at it realistic there is no cure for stupidity unfortunately.
  • I just like going to the gun range and firing off a few. It's great for stress relief. Then i also use them for hunting. I would never shoot a person unless i absolutely had too. I'm not a collector, but my father is. He has guns all over, and he's a Pastor. He even has guns in his church office, but that's an insider secret. he isn't going to do anything violent with the guns. It's just when the mood suits the boys they go out hunting, and my dad has to grab his guns. He's not going to go all the way home first. On the other hand, have you all heard that news story of the Pastor that got killed because the husband of one of his congregation members found out that he was having sex with his wife. I bet that Pastor wished he had a gun that day.
  • My son has his New York State gun collector's license. He enjoys the symmetry of a beautiful gun. I was just on another gun control thread and one of the posters in South Africa said that he read a report that there are more guns in the US than people. That shows you that most gun owners have more than one gun. Perhaps it's a matter of purpose or a matter of collection. There are too many reason to own a gun beyond violence to list. But yes I believe talking about target practice more often that shooting deaths is a good way to educate others.
  • To be fair, that pastor should not have been sleeping with the wife of one of his flock.  That is actually breaking two Commandments.  Bad pastor.  I'm not saying he deserved to be killed, but it also wouldn't have happened it he kept his hands on the Bible and off of parishioners' wives.
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    I agree with that Tommigun he wasn't much of a pastor, but yes he didn't deserve to die.I also don't see nothing wrong with a pastor having guns either they are the same as us in that sense.I know a lot figure that thou shall not kill but I also believe thou shall not be killed either it works both ways.Well I don't want to bore you with religion.There is so much more to guns then just killing though and people just don't seem to understand that,and don't understand the workmanship that goes in to making some guns that gives them that beauty that so many see in them for collecting or just to own it.
  • Guns don't equate to killing.  Not everyone who uses guns in self-defense goes for a kill shot.  You can disarm someone by shooting them in the leg or shoulder.  Self-defense doesn't automatically mean killing.
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    I would also like to add sometimes no one is shot or even a shot fired depending on the situation at hand at the time.I think this is a stereotype that is given for guns and law abiding people that have them, guns are only good for killing.They can be a deterrent as well.
  • That is a very good point.  Many times all it takes is showing someone that you have a gun to make them walk away. 
  • Great point and we definitely need to get back to that. That's what gun agendas do to the thinking of the masses.
  • Yeah. I definitely think that a lot of stereotyping happens on both sides.  The battle for guns is focused so much on anti vs pro that the criminals who are actually doing the killing just get lost in the commotion. 
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    I agree the focus of the government and the antis and liberals are on the law abiding citizens and their guns that the criminals are often forgotten about or pushed aside for other reasons.
  • It's on both sides.  I know a lot of pro-gun people who are so eager to go after anti-gun people that they also tend to forget that there are criminals making their side look bad.  I'm not talking about all pro-gun people, just some.

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    Every time a guns is used for wrong it makes us gun owners look bad in the eyes of others,that is why I always try to direct things back to the criminals and wrong doers and not law abiding citizens for both sides to keep in mind what the problems really are,in the hopes some day everyone will get this.
  • I understand what you are saying now.  I just read I wrong the first time. 
  • People who collect guns are not generally against things such as expanding background checks. People who hunt and are gun collectors are usually doing it legally and have no problem complying with some extra laws in order to secure their security. Gun control laws are less drastic than the NRA and the media may lead people to believe, it's all about reducing the amount of criminals and dangerous people have guns, not about simply, "taking away everyone's guns."
  • I agree.  Taking away people's guns won't do any good.  They will either find other ways to get them or find a different weapon.  I think the only laws that need to be put in place are harsher punishments for offenders. 

  • You guys make a good point. I mean, I collect lighters, and lighters could be seen as just as dangerous. Hell, I could make a flamethrower if I really wanted to. While there is still an age restriction on it, there is no permanent ban, and you could see a gun for survival(hunting) just as much as a lighter(fire and light, heat).
  • Yeah, but to be honest, most places don't even enforce the age limits on things like that.  I grew up in the country and was able to buy cigarettes for my grandfather when I was 10.  I would get candy or a soda and some cigarettes for him.  The grocer didn't even bat an eyelash.  He just sold them to me.  However, I never tried to sneak any.  What you do with what you have (and what you can get away with) is what defines you; not whether or not you have easy access.

  • I agree with you, I'm just making the point that restrictions may be there, but it's a bit unfair geared towards the gun issues. I personally feel like this is a tough one to solve, but I'd also rather point out all the sides of it before anything else. 
  • Oh yes, collectors definitely have an interest in guns. There are some people that never have shot a gun before but collect them because they are firearms in the family. I find it neat that people do this as well. There are some really unique and interesting old guns.
  • I feel like there shouldn't be a problem for collectors, though, to get a license for them. It seems simple to me, and quite frankly you need licenses for other things, or at least an age restriction as well, even things that aren't dangerous or dangerous around others. Even looking at it as a whole, I still think there should be some sort of restriction, although not fully taken away. 
  • Sure, restrict away, however, prove to me that those restrictions will in any way, restrict criminals from doing anything with firearms , because your restrictions will only restrict the people that obey those hysterical restrictions.

    Oh, don't forget to crack down whilst you restrict to the max !

    Here is a good question, not everyone has guns, however, most humans alive have sex willy nilly, AIDS is killing way more people than all of people ever killed by all guns multiplied ten times by ten !

    How come nobody wants to banned AIDS ????
  • I agree with you. However, guns were invented for one sole purpose: to kill. I know that most gun owners don't have evil, bloodthirsty intentions, though. This should be respected, especially since firearms aren't even necessary to kill. Someone could use a sharp object among many other crazy means if they really wanted to commit violent crimes.  I think that guns should be seen for their recreational uses and not just the violent misuse that some people treat them with. There are gun collectors, people who hunt, and people who keep one around for home protection. There are some jurisdictions where using a gun in self-defense is legal in some situations, and I believe this should still be the case. There are always going to be people who misuse firearms, but these a lot of these same people would be just as quick to use something else as a weapon.
  • The home is only one place where a gun is used for personal defense, out on
    the street, or at the farm or anywhere you happen to be.
  • We have guns in our home for many reasons. But, none of them are to intentionally harm another person. We love target shooting, have them for protection, use them if we need to shoot a snake or other wild animal that gets too close to us or the kids and my husband used to hunt before he started having health problems. I just don't think the government or anyone should have the right to take guns away from people who only use them for the right reasons.
  • Very true, they can't take them away from evil people, leave us with our guns.
  • I am a women, living in Indiana, and own two shot guns that I use every year for hunting deer. They are kept unloaded and locked up until hunting season approaches. My children has always been taught that those guns are for hunting for food. I have never been one for buying them fake guns or skirt guns for the fact I believe that teaching them early on to run and shoot at their friends or sister is wrong. I do not own a gun that isn't used for anything other than providing food for my family.
  • I have heard some religions will let its members hunt, but not use a firearm for self defense, the bible does not teach this, that is a private interpretation.
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