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Unreported crimes in the US

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I thought it would be interesting to find out how many crimes they figure go unreported each year.They figure 68% of rapes and sexual assaults go unreported each year, and only about 2% of them reported does anyone serve time for. Then 52% of other violent victimizations go unreported for a annual average of 3,382,200. Then 1 in 5 reported crimes don't get recorded by police officers.They want us to believe crime is down but in reality they just go unreported because of the faith they have in police to do anything about it. Then the anti's want us to believe the chance of something happening to you to need a gun to protect yourself from is slim to none.I think this says something much different. If you don't believe me search for unreported crimes yourself.


  • I can honestly say that I believe this.  I was a victim of sexual assault and never reported it.  I was 13 and my mother told me to "not make waves", since it was my cousin.  There are many reasons that crimes go unreported.  I agree this is not a valid way to make a point about not having a gun.
  • Not only situations like that, but many illegals never report a crime for fear of deportation. So now we have family crimes and crimes against people who happen to come from a different country that never get reported. Crime is definitely not down. I know this first hand when my daughter was walking to school and she was robbed at knife point, not gun point, so like i always say getting rid of guns will not make crime go down any more, but we will never have the real numbers because people will never report it. We reported the crime, but nothing will come of it because there wasn't any real value to what was taken except for my 13 year old's innocence and the guy had no distinguishable features so there goes identifying him.
  • Man, 13 is a really bad age to be a girl.  Most stories I have heard where something bad happened to women is usually when they are 13. 
  • Posts: 234
    I think a lot of sicko's in their mind once a child hits their teens some how they aren't a child know more with the research I done.The criminal mind works in very strange ways.I find it sad that so many have to feel shame of something bad happening to them like some how it was their fault or something or feel they know the law won't do anything about it or care enough to do something this is what our society and court systems have created though.
  • It is terrible.  I felt like it was my fault.  I trusted him.  He was my cousin.  For years, I kept telling myself that it was my fault for taking a walk in the woods alone with him.  But the truth is, that it's his fault.  HE made the decision to take advantage of my trust.  I'm posting this for any other girl who is blaming herself.  Also, the law probably won't help you, unless you go directly to a hospital or police station if it happens.  Don't shower.  Don't so much as pee.  You need to preserve all of the evidence you can.  It's time to stop this. 
  • Posts: 234
    I applaud you for putting that out there to try and help others that may get in that situation.I don't think many realize how often it is done by another family member either and just another reason it goes unreported too.
  • I want to say I can't believe that they honestly just think of things in the way of "you won't need it" and are thinking more like "you should call the police for this." A lot of people are scared to call the police, despite being the ones that are supposed to protect us. If it's there to protect you, why would they assume you'd choose not to? Not saying this offensively, but I feel like that is more of the point rather than just taking away guns. 
  • It is a not so great as a boy growing up either, thin and rather feminine looking, some of the other boys in my school and neighbourhood were really abusive and scary, threatening to kill me, and telling a teacher or mom & dad got lots of shrugged shoulders and "boys will be boys" or what do you really want us to do about it ?
    Talk it out, and other really stupid sayings, so when 4 others boys slap mebsilly and hold me, and have their way, end all bruised up sad and bleeding and humiliated, feeling like maybe I asked for it and mother sees me and asks;
    Why won't you stop fighting dear ?

    Next time, I don't fight it, just take it, since it does no good anyway, and way too embarrased and humiliated about what happened to even admit it happened, or to even talk about it.

    That's why I believe in guns, other people didn't believe in me or defend me ever.
  • Posts: 75
    Alot of crimes go unreported due to family connections and even workplace relationships. I saw a story of an employee who was raped by her boss in the office after resisting his advances for some time and then fired. I believe that some of the gun outrages happening today are as a result of such deficiencies in restorative justice which result in victims taking matters into their own hands when their fuse blows off.
  • Posts: 44
    I thinks if not open to all people in reported crime maybe we have a problem because sometimes peoples pay to clear the crime to prevent happen this problem we need to be open to all people to prevent corruption why we need to to hide to report the crime maybbe its valid if the crime is like a sexuall crime i thinks we hide this case because sometimes its cannot report its because of shy to all people but we need to know the truth to be safe all people to cannot happen again.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think that's statistics is very alarming.  Maybe that's the reason why there's a lot of suicidal right now, and gun's is their solution.  and maybe some of the shooters who killed the innocent people once become the victim before and never told to anyone, and they doing that for revenge. 
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