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President Obama's comment on attack today at Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic that killed 3

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 14
President Obama commented on the attack today at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic that killed 3:

"If we're going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them," the president said.

I couldn't agree more.  If the attacker was wielding a knife instead, I don't think 3 people would have been killed.  As one of my Australians friend said, "We don't understand America's fascination with guns when so many people are being killed by them."


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    Yep, here we go again make it about a gun and not the reason or motive or about the person.Julie and Obama seemed to leave out that this was a abortion center and three other times there have been attacks toward 3 other of the planned parenthood places were made.Just because his weapon of choice was a AK that is all it was his weapon of choice it could have been many other kinds of weapons he could have chose.Yes it was tragic but there was so much more involved then just a gun,but all else was forgotten and focus was just put on the gun again.I am not saying his reasoning was right or justified because it wasn't, but I am tired of half stories and half truths to try and push a agenda instead of dealing with the whole situation that is the real reason nothing is being done because the focus is all wrong.Even the police reported they weren't sure if he didn't have explosives also, but no focus there just the gun and what type again.It was also just another opening for Obama to disarm Americans and for what I will let you fill that in.I am as warm hearted as the next but this kind of reporting is getting old.
  • Actually, I grew up around hunters and military men, including Marines.  I know how to kill five people with a knife and walk out before anyone could pin it on me.  Not exaggerating.  Guess what?  I won't do that.  I have morals and integrity.  Also, if you want to talk about things that can kill people, how about bombs.  I hear so many arguments about getting rid of guns, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING about getting bomb plans off of the internet.  Also, it is easier to make a Molotov Cocktail which could kill much more that three people than to buy guns. 

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    This is just another liberal move to push their agenda and they say we are the cold hearted ones, when they use deaths in this way.I for one is tired of their twisted ways,if they really want to help then help us that want to do something about the reasons people do these things.The how really doesn't matter as much as the why,the how can be many ways there is no stopping the hows,but we can do something about the whys.
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     At the risk of offending our foreign friends, I have to say that they indeed do not understand our "fascination" with guns, and are therefore ill qualified to offer a learned opinion. You see, it's not a fascination with guns, but a respect for the Constitution, and self-preservation that drives us. I maintain that honest citizens with guns are far safer than those who are defenseless. In this particular case, Obama, being a supreme opportunist, is not looking at the facts. The perp had a long history of mental illness, and domestic abuse. He called himself a Christian, but was a serial adulterer. People really need to learn ALL the facts before shooting off their mouths. The liberals have an agenda, and it ain't pretty!
  • I think that foreign people think we have a "fascination" with guns because of the movies Hollywood puts out and the news media that they see, hear or read.  A lot of our action movies have guns in them.  Most of the news coverage with guns is negative because that is what sells.  You can't blame them for getting the wrong idea when that is what is being sent out. 
  • Just another fake agenda. Killing two birds with one stone.
  • What do you mean "another fake agenda"?  I'm not trying to pick on you or start a fight.  I was just hoping you'd expand on it.

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    I must say that people need to know the difference between non-fiction and fiction just like right and wrong.They need to stop judging us on a entertaining basics like movies and video games and the half truths of the media.
  • I agree, but at the same time when that's all they see...  It's no different from when Americans judge all Muslims based on what extremists are doing. 
  • The fake agenda is too constantly claim gun control will reduce crime, gun grabbers real agenda is to ban guns, to have control over peoples lives and have power and a job, check out how much money these anti gun people get, they don't care about people, it is all about power & control baloney.
  • Lots of Muslims are not very friendly people here in America, they act pretty surly mostly, and frown at you as you walk past the Mosque, I have always Smile and say a happy greeting to all Muslims I meet and many just frown at me and silently turn away.
  • They also want to have separate communities with Sharik law, here in America, we have U.S. law and Reservation laws on Indian reservations, that is enough law....
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