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Do you have a conceal Carry?

edited January 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 15
I have been debating whether not I should get a concealed carry permit or not. I really want one to protect myself and my family however I am really concerned when it comes to the government knowing that I have a permit. I do not like the fact that they would know this information. In my opinion I feel like they would shoot and ask questions later. How do you feel about this? Has this impacted whether or not you'll get a concealed carry or not.?


  • No offense, but do you have any articles on people that had concealed carry permits but were shot prematurely? Not stating you're wrong, but I would prefer proof to back you up, or you're going to just look paranoid. Many people in this country have a concealed carry permit, why would it single you out?
  • I understand where you're coming from and no I do not have any evidence of it it is just a thought that I have. I just feel as though the cops are singling out those with a concealed carry. Like I said I'm not saying this is for sure the case but it's just something that I would be worried about and yes perhaps a little bit paranoid.
  • To be honest, I don't think I recall any of the recent news mentioning that anyone had a concealed carry permit. I don't think you really have anything to worry about.
  • I don't currently have a conceal carry permit, but likely will in the future. My husband needs to finish the range time for his and will then have it. When someone takes the time and money to take the proper measures to obtain the permit, they know what a big deal it is and that complete transparency with LEO's is vital. If you are pulled over, the first thing you tell them (with both hands visible on the steering wheel) is that you have a conceal carry permit and that your weapon is on your body. That shows the officer that you are being responsible and there are no surprises. No one will know if you have one or not until they know your identity in person, so there would be no reason for an officer to shoot first because you have a permit. They will know you have one because it is your responsibility to tell them. Cooperate and don't do anything stupid in a situation.
  • Agreed with Pinkiepie. Most of the things you see with cops now are a lot due to non-cooperation. Most of the time, they will be reasonable, although there are a few bad cops out there(but I wouldn't say anymore than pretty much any other job).
  • Posts: 161
    Actually, I do it differently, I keep my drivers license & firearms credential in a separate case in my shirt pocket, I make sure I do NOT leave home without both, it is a ritual for me to check as I don't want to get caught driving without my DL, if I get pulled over, I already have My insurance card on a rubber band on the visor and DL / credential ready to present, most of the time the Officer will simply look at my creds and hand them back and wish me a nice day, hand your concealed carry permit to the Officer, before you announce that you are armed, maybe have to OOPS, I left my concealed carry permit at home, which is an offense in some States '!!!!!
    Check and see if it is a chargeable offense in your State !
  • I have a conceal carry permit. I didn't for the longest time. But when my husband got on 12 hour night shift and I was home alone with my three kids and ruining the majority of my errands alone I decided it was time to get one.
  • I remember getting my first S&W J frame revolver, a 5 shot .38 special, and thinking how small and light and easy to conceal in a pocket, still one of my favorite guns.
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