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Gatling fun !

edited February 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 161
The Gatling gun is still legal ! U.S. anyway.
a bit complex, but still cheaper than other options and loads of fun !
I see the best ammo option is a .45 acp, lots of plans on the Internet,
Here in the U.S. the Gatling gun is NOT considered a machine gun !
The Gatling is the Grand daddy of the machine gun,
And the updated modern versions ? The GE Mini gun, Vulcan cannon.
You can't beat the simplicity & reliability of the multibarreled Vulcan.


  • Well, I made one huge obvious ommision,
    The modern updated Gatling is simple compared to other really complex designs and way way more reliable, hence the reason why its still in use.
  • I am wondering why this weapon isn't classified as a machine gun.It can be mounted on attack vehicles, on helicopters.The latest version is the Dillion Aero M134 Gatling gun which was designed to provide increased accuracy and a greater level of damage.Its capabilities include a 3000 rounds per minute blast and it can also fire various forms of ammunition such as tracer, incendiary, and ball amongst others.  
  • I should have clarified, the mecanical crank versions of the Gatling gun are not considered machineguns,, the modern electric ones are machineguns.
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