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Gun Control - No commercially made guns ? / people will make them in secret

edited March 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 161
I have been seeing reports from many Countries where gun control is restricted or at least well regulated, people in those Countries are somehow manufacturing some impressive arms, submachine guns mostly, MAC 10 clones, I even read reports of home made UZI copies.

1. Australia many home made guns

2. Italy 10% of guns seized are home made

3. Germany home made guns looking for reports from other Countries.


  • :)) lol @ Australia and gun bans ! plenty of guns being made for criminals.
  • I would post pictures of the best looking guns, but alas, I know not how ! sigh :((
  • People will always try to circumvent the law. However, I don't believe the gun control regulations should be abandoned, because it may be possible that people will find ways and means to flout the law. What should be done in this case, is that these people manufacturing guns illicitly should be pursued and brought to justice like any other persons carrying out an illegal activity.

  • Posts: 15
    @explorerx7 I agree with your comment.  Just because people will find other ways doesn't mean we should just throw our hands up in the air and resign ourselves. 
  • People can still find many resources for things like that. They can manufacture just about anything. We live in a crazy world of technology so it doesn't surprise me.
  • @Bette Although I do agree with you, it is definitely a point to consider. If, say hypothetically, 98% of the weapons used for criminal activity are illegally manufactured guns, then how helpful is gun control? If we'd only decrease criminal activity in which guns are involved by 2%, is taking the liberty of owning a gun from the public truly worth it?

    Again, these statistics are just hypothetical. I'm just trying to point out that it's not necessarily a null argument.
  • while a small minority of people may be able to make a few guns, the important thing to remember is that the gun laws in those countries work very well. Those countries have 5 times less homicide rate, less accidents and lower suicide rates because the gun laws mean that there are far less guns in circulation. Just because some random person can make a gun does not mean that guns are easily accessible to the people that will use them in anger, for crime or because they are crazy of psychopathic. Just sayin.
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    Making a zip gun is fairly easy. All you need is a few pipe fittings from your local hardware store and shotgun shells, and anyone in the European countries can become a walking arsenal.

    Some people feel the need to be protected. Others want it for more devious reasons. Bottom line is, ingenuity and the human need to rebel and question authority is going to play a part culture and socialism.
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