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Unwarranted Police Inspection.

edited February 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 5


  • I think that if there is someone or something questionable going on I think it should be allowed. I do think on the other hand the should not be allowed to enter a person's home and go through everything without a warrant. Like so many other things that occur daily it just depends on the situation.
  • I agree with guitarmom. Police still have boundaries and people still have rights.
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    Illegal search and seizures.  That seems to be a hot topic now a days.  Everyone whip out their cell phones and record all of that.  It is not illegal to record things in public just to let you know.  

    I'm not to sure what is the policy about searching your car in a routine traffic stop.  There is a limit to suspicion.  In any case a warrant is needed most of the time, unless there is heavy evidence to support an officer of the law to search your valuables and property for contraband.
  • I'm all for an individual's rights. That being said in my area there are a few families who get targeted. Almost every time they've been searched things have been recovered and they've been jailed. I understand at times searches are not needed, police bullying occurs, and they are completely abusing their power. In most parts though if you're being searched you've probably given police good reason to do so.
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    There is a paradox here. Unwarranted police inspections are a reliable way to catch criminals like illegal gun owners and drug peddlers napping. The problem of perception of discrimination is a major hindrance which would be seen to be biased against certain communities or neighbourhoods depending on the tribal or racial stratification of a society. I propose a very simple solution to go round this challenge is that a person nabbed as a result of a misdemeanor should automatically have his or her home searched under a warrant for maximum crime busts without stereotyping hindering crime control. You would be surprised what would be netted under this protocol which would no doubt require legislation.
  • It really should be considsred on a case to case basis whether an inspection is okay. If police have good reason to do it without a warrant such as a smell of drugs then it should be allowed. If it just a family minding their business it should not happen. 
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    It would not be proper for police to conduct inspections without a warranty due to the fact that this can be used to settle scores when some people decide to frame their rivals or adversaries by planting incriminating evidence. Criminals can also take advantage of this to barge into people's homes.
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    No warrant is a big question we have a proper inspection and law for no warrant but if not too much big isue we cannot enter to your house if no warrant its good to put a camera or cctv in your hause to be secured if police not doing good in your house
  • According to the Law we do have a right for privacy and at tge same time search and seizure. These should be their basis for police inspection because no one is above the law. which means police inspection without warrant is against the law. We have to consider the safety and respect the private lives of individuals whoever they are. So it is best if police would secure a warrant before inspection.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    what ever evidence found inside your house is not valid without the search warrant, and it's trespassing.  The police can't just go inside your house without any search warrant, unless it's caught in the act situation.  
  • Police should have search warrant before entering into a house. This is because it is a way to know if they have the document to show to you before proceeding into searching your items.Also, it will be trespassing if they don't have any document to show . 
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