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Media Representation

edited April 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
Do you think that the media chooses what stories to print in order to affect public opinion?


  • Public media has long shown a bias towards a narrative that promotes gun-control. Polling in the 1980's showed more than 70% of journalists supported gun-control and I doubt that percentage has changed much. The US DoJ ran television and radio ads promoting gun-control in the mid 1990's to 2000's.  The 2002 Appalachian Law School shooting is a prime example; out of over 200 news stories in the week after the event, only 4 mentioned the two students that helped stopped the attacker were armed with personal firearms.
  • Posts: 75
    Oh yes, any day. When a crazed shooting spree takes place, this is glossed over. It is not about the substance but rather the form. When a random indiscriminate shooting occurs, it is not viewed with a similar lens to terrorism but an isolated incidence that happens empirically just like road accidents. Attention is quickly diverted to the need for gun control or otherwise with the same old belligerent mindsets prevailing. When a terrorist strikes in the same fashion, the news are revved up to mobilise public resilience and determination in the face of a faceless adversary which is a good thing in itself but you get the thrust of the argument.
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