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Finding Middle Ground

edited November 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 4
As I look around the world today I see a lot of fighting and pain. There are times when people argue that it is very binary. There are two sides. One has to be right and the other has to be wrong. There is no middle ground. People get offended and angry at the side that isn't theirs. I don't know where this thought process stemmed from, and I think it's been around since the beginning of time, but it has become more prevalent in recent years. This discussion may spark some emotions from people, maybe not, but I will be talking about some controversial things. So if you are soft of heart, or are one of those people who have binary thinking, I suggest you either divert your eyes, or at least have an open mind.

Gun control. This topic is one of the reasons this website even exists. People debate about gun control constantly and more debating is going on than actual action. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, gun violence is actually going down- but that's not the point. The point is, there is still violence. There's still homicides. There always will be killers out there because we do not live in a perfect world. People need to accept that we can't live peacefully, ever. We can only do the closest thing. Live.

I believe that guns are protection. I also believe that guns are made for harming others. How do we decide where to stand on the issue of controlling them if the guns themselves can be used as the main point of an argument on both sides? We use guns vs guns. Switzerland is a fantastic example of what I mean. This is a gun control debate forum so I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean. Almost every household in Switzerland owns a gun. If a robber wants to go rob a household in Switzerland, he's probably going to rob a household with a gun in it. Why would he do that? He won't, that's the point. Unless he's got some massive nerve. If he went and robbed a weaponless house with his own gun, he has the upper hand. He can shoot them, and steal. He can threaten them with the gun and steal. His chances of getting away with it are much higher. That, is fighting guns with guns, which in my opinion, is exactly what the American culture needs.

Now I'm sure a lot of people are concerned about the wrong household having a gun. This is something about gun control that I lean left on (if we're going to get political.) That's where I believe we need heavier background checks, and a check on a household's mental health and financial stability every six months. A lot of the mass shootings (which takes up 2% of gun violence) are caused by the wrong people getting their hands on somebody else's gun. I believe we should have household background checks instead of single person background checks.

Tell me what you think. I want people to get together and share common ground and brainstorm problem fixers. Both sides need to get together and act like adults (or at least pretend to.) If you already stand in between, that's perfect. Come up with some ideas to help the world!


  • There is another factor that is major which needs consideration.  Mental health care.  It is dismally inadequate.  Which is why mass killings are as common as they are.  And, domestic violence is as it is.

    I have a thread started about it here.

    The reason you do not know about this is because media, courts and local governments as well as the state are colluding to keep the public ignorant.  Yep. a conspiracy, and its big.  Here is what happened when I filed a suit against my county in federal court and gave a copy to a news reporter who had shown courage relating to drug issues.

    What happened is she was fired.  Sixteen other reporters and editors joined her and they were all gagged by the California State Superior Court.  The same court that had been depriving me of justice since 1997.

    What's the conspiracy about?  Its about keeping the ultimate methods of secrecy, secret.  What is unconscious is BETTER than secret.  Effective mental health care MUST address the unconscious mind directly because that is where the disorder really is.

    Here is a page which is fairly recent that supports this position.'s_New/post/is-your-unconscious-mind-running-your-life-part-1/
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  • I completely agree with you on the subject of mental health care. It's not as solid as it should be, and it is a large cause for mass shootings. However, I don't believe that it's a conspiracy. I think that American and Human moral values have been horrible in the past, and they are getting better as time progresses. If you look at old shut down mental hospitals, you will see that people were treated absolutely horribly. This leads to the stigma that all mental hospitals and psychiatric aid are terrible. That turns people off to the idea of getting help for their mental problems. It's less government control and more stereotyping the mental health system.
  • Anonytated wrote:
    "I don't believe that it's a conspiracy. I think that American and Human
    moral values have been horrible in the past, and they are getting better
    as time progresses."

    I do not mean to be obtuse, but our actual past and the reason for the hospitals you describe is actually quite different from what history records.  The real issue is the biggest and most controversial discussion that can exist.  Literally.

    Please just realize there is a conspiracy to prevent mental health care from developing treatment direct to the unconscious mind.
     For example.  I filed this FOIA April 2000 with the clerk of the board and within 2 years it was gone, then refiled it September 17, 2013.

    That is one of very many that are related to this matter.
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