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Lets control not ban

edited November 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 2
I think the most important thing overall is simply guns can't hurt people by themselves. People hurt people, guns are just a means of doing so. A gun sitting alone can't shoot someone on its own. But I understand the counterpoint without guns we would be perfectly safe. But why would we ever remove legal guns. That wouldn't remove illegal guns just like illegal drugs. At the end of the day anyone that wants something could get it. So removing guns would just leave people that do things legally like obtaining a gun would be defenseless. Criminals are willing to obtain a gun illegally. As for your law abiding citizen would be out of luck. That's simply why controlling guns is more effective than banning them. Let’s put guns in better hands. In the hands of the people that need them not abuse them.
I believe a gun ban violates our seconds amendment. But gun control might be a viable option. I believe we should keep track of guns and how they are distributed. That means guns being sold from a gun store and reselling of guns through private seller. I don’t think its right to take guns away completely because then that leaves people without a method of self defense. The criminals that are willing to get guns illegally still after banning guns would have a huge advantage over an everyday citizen that isn't willing to do such thing. I feel it should be less about how to get rid of guns and focus more on controlling them. That means heavy background checks that focus on past history if any criminal history felony wise should disqualify you. Reason for needing a gun should be addressed and the gun should come with some sort of safety guidelines to help first time gun owners. If we can't stop guns from being a thing we need to know who we are arming. In a perfect world no one would need guns but I know with the rate of guns constantly going up. That we live in a gun world and at the end of the day the only way to keep people safe in it is controlling the guns we already have. But i don’t believe all guns should get a spot in our world. Some fully automatic guns are simply too big for self defense and hunting so for that reason I feel they aren’t necessary. I feel these options on gun control are the best choices. It keeps guns safer but at the same time it doesn't take guns away from the people who aren't abusing them. I believe all of this would help better control guns in the United States. Because at the end of the day a gun isn't deadly by itself. It requires a person to use it before it becomes lethal. So if we focus more on whose hands the guns are in instead of the guns them self. We will be much better off and our safety will be better preserved. This is how I believe the issue of guns should be handled.   


  • I'm not convinced that all of the control measures are more important than the underlying mental health care issues.

    And, I will never accept that corporate media and entertainment have conditioned the thinking of people about life, including guns, and mixing them up very irresponsibly quite often, and does not have a great deal to do with the basic problem you describe.

    We know a certain amount of control over dangerous tools is justified.  However, that can NEVER replace our ability to treat the human mind an mental disorder that lead to extreme violence and loss of life without any reason.

    In order to give you an idea of HOW BAD government, courts and society are about addressing this, look how a newspaper reporter who is given a copy of a federal lawsuit against a California county for evading compliance with state health and safety codes regarding mental health care, is fired, then 16 other reporters are gagged so the public cannot even find out what the issue is really about.


    In that lawsuit a local federal court rule was tested, and the US district court in los angeles ignored the 135 year old court rule which automatically provides a new magistrate and judge to a civil rights case filed pro se, dismissed and the re-filed with new coplaintiffs.  The rule has now been secretly removed in all circuit courts with NO NOTICE OF REVISION.

    The right you didn't know you had and didn't know lost.

    Only the supreme court can write court rules.  Some years previous to the unlawful removal, (2006) the section of the rules dealing with this automatic reassignment was separated form the main body of rules.  This facilitate easy removal of the rule without notice.

    We need our lawful and peaceful revolution

  • Posts: 2
    Mental health is only detectable if someone is currently suffering from it. How would you know who will become mentally ill later on and make a dumb decision. Lots of criminals become criminal's because they became mentally ill. Normally seemingly mentally healthy people would be impossible to pick out without prior knowledge of the illness or unless its an extreme case. But from my knowledge mental illness it isn't that obvious so I'm curious on your solution to keeping guns out of mentally unstable peoples hands. Because they will always exist.
  • The idea is that IF effective mental health care is available, people will opt for that before they opt for violence.

    That keeps the gun out of the mentally ill persons hands.

    Currently there is NO EFFECTIVE MENTAL HEALTH CARE.  Accordingly, why would a mentally ill person even try to do anything except act out their anger, delusion, revenge or whatever?

    If there was effective mental health care, THEN, it is talked about on television and in the community.  The person who feels mentally unstable realizes there is real help, and they do not have to hurt anyone or die themselves to find relief.

    We are absolutely clueless as to what effective mental health care looks like or what its impact will be on our society.  My concept is that it is not reasonable to do anything before seeing effective mental health care developed.  We have an absolutely huge need to be able to effectively alter our behaviors.
  • Only the mentally ill know how disturbed they are.  Because there is no effective mental health care, they work to hide it as long as possible.  Then it becomes unbearable and they snap.

    There is a social shame connected with mental illness, and those suffering hide it from themselves to avoid the shame.

    Criminals may have learned behavioral disorders while young.  Those disorders qualify as mental illness, as does drug addiction.  We are not an "advanced society" if we cannot provide cures for mental problems.  I suggest that effective mental health care is a feature of justice that is a humane alternative to making people criminals and punishing them for what is a learned disorder.

    Why did we allow societal edifices like media that teach mental disorders?  Why?  Because a corporation wanted to make a profit by misleading people?  I say that's fine, as long as they are a part of the opposite.

    When media influences millions of people, there needs to be responsibility.  There is none and the public suffers because media corporations have been given individual rights.
  • Birth control the babies shoot them I AM TITAANIIIUUM!
  • Posts: 10
    Control and restrict. Maybe it could help lessen the tragic deaths of innocent people due to a misfiring and related incidents.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think it's hard to implement the control, how the government will do that? total ban I think the best thing to do, or maybe increase the tax for the license and permit to carry of of gun. psychological test should be implemented also, and the reason why they need gun, before issuing the license. 
  • Everything falls unto how the country executes its laws. If the country can't execute our laws properly we cannot control loose firearms.
  • Posts: 44
    For now maybe its hard to ban the gun its because more on people not cooperate because he want to protect his life because if cooperate may be his life is go on danger because all people with ha a gun that not un authorized he is an elegal job.
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