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Can police take an Open Carry Gun Away During A Traffic Stop

edited November 2016 in Gun Law Facts Posts: 1
I was stopped for an expired license plate and had a pistol out in the open. He asked for my concealed carry permit. I told him it was not concealed, I don't need a permit.

A bunch of words insued about me keeping my hands on the wheel and rolling down and unlocking the door at the same time (hand on his gun the whole time).

Once we got thru that, he said he wanted to unload the gun and place it on the windshield. I agreed, he a then asked for my papers, which I produced. He started to walk back to his car, and after a few steps he turned back and grabbed my gun and mag. He said, "I'm.going to run the VIN on that gun".

I became super pissed off. And told him to call his supervisor, he said nothing and kept walking.

I feel first off he had no right to take possession of my property. He had no right to disarm me. I am not a criminal. He shouldn't be able to walk off with anything of mine.

You see a criminal has the gun he can't see, a criminal is a threat and would not openly display a firearm. He would never know he was in danger if I was hiding a gun.

Is the cop wrong?
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