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Different take on Gun control

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
Gun control is a very broad topic and there are two main sides to the issue. I propose that instead of taking a side of pro gun control or against gun control that we take a look at the violent culture of the USA. We should take action by changing our culture through media, and making sure anyone that is armed is trained and certified to use the weapon they wield. The USA has one of the biggest gun related death tolls in any country, also it's a source of many gun related crimes in the world. In many countries while gun related issues are not as present, other kinds of violent actions are still present. An example of this is England. While England banned firearms they still have a high percentage of assaults, robberies and rapes. It’s just that no one has any firearms in these crimes so it sort of evens the playing field from criminal to victim. So guns or not homicide and crime will still happen but if we change the culture itself we can change these numbers and stop much gun violence.In the article Change our Violent Culture Eric Shuner says “Yes, but what culture? How about the culture that lionizes guns as ‘American as apple pie.’ That promotes using guns to kill in music, on TV, in movies and most of all in the video games and toys and "action figures" that we sell to children from the youngest ages. That tells young males that they're not real men if they're not part of such violence.” American culture in music, movies, and toys teaches young men and women that firearms and gun violence something that they are not. They try and sell the idea that guns are majestic and people that use them are badass. If these ideas weren’t put into people's heads, our culture could be different. Also the idea that men need to be “masculine” can also lead to violence. If men are trying to prove themselves through violence then it can be a big problem. The media is one of the biggest keys to changing our violent culture. If we could shift the focus from gun violence to gun safety or peace. Many movies, songs, advertisements, toys and video games all add onto the belief that guns are powerful and should be changed. We need to use the media change our view from the laws into our own actions and the actions of others. There are different ways that we could accomplish this. If media changed their focuses from the issues of arguing over the issues to promoting non violence then we could have a lot more resources. The promotion of guns through media is a big issue in the United States. We could also show companies that these tactics of sales will not work on the people of the US any longer.In the article The Case For Gun Rights is Stronger Than You Think” William Bennet speaks on pro gun rights and brings up many different topics. It talks about arming school personnel and training them. It then gives some real examples of armed people being on scene when a shooting begins. Last it states concealed carry owners tend to commit less crimes. The main idea behind this article is that restricting gun rates would also make people at more of a risk for gun violence. I think these are all good examples of arming trained personnel. If we have people who are trained to use weapons and understand they are not toys then that in turn could also change our culture. This might not be the original intent of the article but I believe it is a strong point to be made.These are many ways that we can change gun violence in America. What are your thoughts? Does this sound like a good plan? Does it have any major flaws? What are some other ways we could change gun violence?


  • minutemaid, all of your points are accurate, especially the points about media conditioning.

    America actually has a bigger problem in that academia, medicine and psychology are controlled by the church, because government is also.

    How this relates is that psychology is not allowed to understand the unconscious mind, let alone treat it.  Meaning that mental illness of all forms is rampant, and those that are homicidal know there is no real treatment, so kill.

    There is actually an overarching issue that prevents correction of any real problem and that is collusion between government, courts and media to prevent anyone from knowing about vital facts.  The potential for effective mental health care is one, and it is fully possible, but, the unconscious mind needs to be treated directly and the church will not allow academia or government to b party to it. 

    Here is the results of 9 lawsuits against santa barbara county to try and use courts to compel conformance by the   county to state health and safety code which requires all municipalities that benefit from a state health care plan to work with the public to develop experimental or investigational treatments.

    Seventeen reporters and editors were gagged at the order of the state superior court and motion of wendy mccaw, newspress owner to prevent them from even talking about the lawsuit filed by myself and 3 grandmothers in 2006.

    This is a problem that can be approached in many ways, but activists are mostly on facebook despite the fact facebook is censoring, using AI to control the links of their mobiles, hosting propaganda and cognitive infiltration etc.

    So we have a multidimensional dynamic problem that is really centered around the fact that free speech cannot serve its purpose.  All speech is not equal.  And that is logical, as well as constitutional, but their is a chicken-and-egg situation in that we need free speech to see that free speech can serve its purpose.

    So this is really my message:

    Don't worry about guns, worry about gaining the power of speech to voice your concerns AND develop reasonable ways to solve the problems you see guns being responsible for, or the mentality that actually is responsible.

    I have been at this for many years and have developed the very best lawful and peaceful strategy to deal with it and need people to join me to become effective.  Here is a page with the strategy.

    An audio presentation that has other aspects we should be aware of.

    There is contact info on the index page of that site if you would like to know of more specfic places to be active in this effort that will end up reducing gun violence radically, globally.

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