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Reason why you should carry a gun



  • I think it is not allowed for security guards to bring their guns out when off duty.they surrender it before leaving.Thats really scary experience.
  • Years or days passing and the danger in our environment are getting more active. The way the technology grow the danger is too, crime and war this days are likely getting more complicated because of struggle for the possession of the land , goods, power, drugs or being blinded by own greed. Getting a (licensed) gun can actually protect your self or your family if something dangerous happen. And if you have a gun you must practice and know (how, what, when instructions) for you to have a clear vision of what to do in front of calamity or not, this just my opinion why you should carry a gun.
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    Carrying a gun has its own advantages and disadvantages like other things you carry on a daily basis. What matters is the purpose of carrying it. If you feel unsafe then do so, for protection and peace of mind. Nowadays crime is everywhere having a gun with you in time of need surely gives one an upper hand. However one should know the do's and don't of using it. Right training and ability to identify certain situation when to use it is a must, after all using one could be a life changing experience.

    Carrying a gun is a responsibility...the ability of a gun to protect you or love one is essential. But the ability of a gun to take a life is a question of choice.
  • Ones environment should be the deciding factor in making such person carry a gun or not have to carry one. If you are living in a violent hood, there is always a high chance of being harassed or being robbed but if you are fully equipped with your own gun, this reduces the chances of you getting harassed or intimidated or robbed by some thug in the neighborhood.

    But if your area of residence is calm and peaceful, there is no reason to worry about having to own or even carry a gun because it's practically of no use to you. Since there is nothing like gum violence around you, it's more safer for you not to carry any gun as well.
  • I wish there is still a place in the world where there is no crimes and violence.Where people will never scared to walk on the street without being harrased or robbed.I'ts so sad to think about the reality that peace is imposible this day.
  • It's always good to be prepared for any kind of eventuality. And gun ownership is a very good deterrent and counter measure to address external violence. Plain and simple if someone attacks you with no provocation then shoot them. You have the right of self-preservation.
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    There are reasons why you should carry guns and the main reason is for your own security. Or if your job is a cop or security guard then you oblige to use gun for security to others. If you are civilian and holding a gun for security, then make sure you have a licence to carry firearms or if caught without licence you will be penalized. And make sure you are responsible and have a knowledge in holding your gun so that you will not hurt anybody if you use it.
  • For me, the reason why I want to have a gun. Is for my family protection. Before I don't want to have a gun, but nowadays, you don't know what will happen,or who will threaten your life. Specially that my husband is not always in our home. It's better to have one, for security for purpose and self defense.
  • Everyone should become a responsible gun holder. We feel safer when we have a gun because we have something to defend ourselves from harm. We should not always carry a gun everyday when we don't really need to. Yes, we do not know if when will crimes happen but an intelligent instinct will guide us. Always weigh whether you need to carry a gun or not when going to places or going out your house.
  • You should not carry your gun in public places because you might risk the other persons life. I mean, if you want to carry your gun leave it hidden in your car and don't bring your gun with you while you are inside a civilian stublishment because there is a possibility you might end up hurting people.
  • I don't think that there is a reason why you should carry a gun uness you are a hunter or a police officer. There are many harmless ways to protect yourself, such as anti theft sprays. Carrying a gun is dangerous and I don't think it's okay that everyone can have access to a gun. Let's imagine, someone buys a gun with the reason that they need to feel safe. Then, one night they fight with someone, they lose their minds and they use the gun and take a life. Who's fault is this? You would say their own fault, but I think the primary reason why it got to that situation is that the gun laws are way too weak.
  • Carrying a gun is for a protection. Mostly politicians and businessman are the one who bring their guns with them. But remember that not everyone has given a permit or license to carry a gun. Because before you can carry your gun with you. You have to get a license first. And if you dont have a gun license but still you bring your gun with you brother, it is illegal.
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    I don't know why anybody who is capable and legally able to carry a gun wouldn't.  I understand that some people fear guns or do not have the physical or mental capability or are legally not allowed. They should not.I also feel safer around people who carry legally and are capable.  Some of the reasons others post why they are against it (brandishing) are illegal in the U.S. but I don't know the laws in other countries.  I carry and train now because if I needed it and didn't have it, it would be to late to learn.
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