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The American Government should confiscate all weapons that are privately owned.

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6
I think it would do us much good if the government took control and weeded out this key factor leading to so many deaths on an annual basis. This, of course, should not apply to the law enforcement agencies and anyone with a badge that is. I believe even former marines and retired police officers should get to keep their guns. The common citizens should not be able to own licensed guns under any circumstances. There is, of course, the issue of security when American citizens are left ''defenseless''. The Al Shabaab and other terrorist organizations should be hunted down by all governments in the world and incarcerated. I mean every last one of them. This, however, would be the hardest part. All governments in the world need to work together to put these criminals in jail. If all countries and states started the search, the criminals would either be arrested pronto, or the only option they would have is to relocate into space, and we all know the latter choice is impossible for them.


  • This is entirely impossible to manage, basically because all the humans have a primal instinct for survival so even in the countries which laws forbid keeping the guns without a special permit, people own and hide them out of a fear that something might happen and they will be left defenseless, from one reason or another.

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  • There is no way that the government of the United States is going to confiscate all of the privately owned weapons of its citizens ! I live in the United States, and one of our most cherished things is the Constitution, which gives everyone the right to own and bear arms.
    It is not the licensed weapons that are the threat to anyone here, it is the criminals who have illegal weapons, and just taking away the leagally owned weapons that people have is not going to stop criminals from stealing weapons and killing people.
    What actually needs to happen would be stricter laws against the illegal weapons, and the criminals that use them. Someone can be arrested for a crime, and then be bailed out the same day, and back on the streets committing more crimes.
    This is not the fault of the law enforcement community, it is rather the way that the court system is set up, which allows most people charged with a crime to post bail and be out of jail almost immediately.
  • I agree but it's kind of impossible because as what you've said it's 'private'. People who own or hide private weapons are really careful not to be seen, they are careful so that they won't get arrested. But I hope the government improves their way to implement this.
  • I honestly don't think this would be possible at this point. Some guns are registered, but so many are purchased through private and impersonal means that it would be very difficult to confiscate all the guns. Plus I think this would just drive a pretty big black market for them. Gun culture is just too ingrained at this point in the states for this to happen.
  • I don't agree with this,because I do believe that those licensed gun owners is not the one who commit crime using their gun. So the one who commit the crime is those who have unlicensed gun. In fact the licensed gun owner is the one who should help the police to stop those unlicensed gun owners to stop them to do crime or to stop them using their gun not responsibly. If you are a Licensed Gun owner it means that you have the right to carry your gun and you have the right to pull it out in case that your life or the life of any people that surrounds you is in danger you should be the one who pull that trigger to save the people where their life is in danger, you should be the one who step forward in every situation like that, but still you should always call the police first, but as long as the police don't arrive at the scene you are responsible for that. That is the reason why the government let you carry your gun and give you a license, be responsible for it. But then again, YOU CANT TALK PEACE AND HAVE A GUN.
  • "But then again, YOU CANT TALK PEACE AND HAVE A GUN." (I don't think the "quote" button is working.)

    Why not, Dictator20? You can be a pacifist toward other humans and still use a gun for hunting. 

    I don't hunt. I also don't shoot, because of my astigmatism. I've had to get rid of nuisance animals, and I've felt a lot more inner peace about shooting them than about starving them in traps or other more painful ways of killing them.
  • I don't think this is an open and shut case. It's a very complicated situation. I live in a country where most people don't have access to guns and the insecurity can be high. Do I wish I  had a gun sometimes?Yes. Sometimes I feel helpless.Anyone can attack at any time. I have no way to defend me and my family. Sometimes people get robbed at gunpoint. It would help if they could defend themselves.
  • Posts: 44
    I dont think so but gun for private is usable if someone try to make not good in your house or tresspassing its is used to protect you and your family on holdaper if you a richman
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think it's hard to do that.  We need gun to protect our self and our family, much better to do is to implement the higher tax for the permit to carry and the license.  psychological test also is necessary before they will issue the permit.
  • Posts: 47
    I have dangerous animals on my personal property. There are hundreds of thousands of people like me in this.

    There are people who hunt for food. There are hundreds of thousands of people like this

    There are people who need guns to personally defend themselves. There are millions of people like this. 

    So why do the wants of you outweigh these people's needs? 
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