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Do silencers really make guns silent?

I am just wondering if silencer really works.In the movies, when someone used a silencer gun, no one hears the gunshot sound.So I am too curious whether it was real or the movies just making it exaggerated.Can anybody answer me?Thank you.


  • As far as I know, Gun silencer doesn't make the gun totally silent it just decreases the gunshot sound. I saw a lot of videos where they try using a silencer but still I can here the sound of the gun shot but its not too loud anymore. For me I think it works, It uses by those police to keep the enemies unalarmed. Try watching some videos where they uses silencer so you can find out if it really works.
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    Nope. It just minimize the sound of a gunshot. Silencers are also called suppressor, meaning it doesn't really make a gunshot totally silent but it makes a gun produced less sounds. There are also other reasons as to why people uses a silencer. It greatly reduces a flash coming from a gunshot which is beneficial for a night encounter, and It can also reduce a kickback or a recoil making it more easier to the person shooting to hit it's target accurately.
  • Now it makes sense to me.I always thought silencer really makes guns silent.Thank you for your suggestion I watched it on youtube like what you have suggested and yes it still has a sound and a silencer just minimize the sound.Now it is cleared to me.Thank you. :)
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    Yes silencer is have a sound but decrease the sound 10 to 20% not totaly silence
  • Not 100% but it reduces the shooting voice to 10-20%. 
    With silencer a gun shot sound differently. Nobody in your neighbourhood houses will realize that a shot was fired.
    If you remove the silencer every body will know.
    If you secretly shoot in a room then every body in the room will clearly hear the shooting voice and an expert can easily notice it.
  • I do agree that it;s not making the gun really silent but it actually just decreased the sound of it. Like I've heard lots of news or scientific reasons about this on YouTube, go watch and search it to see for yourself. :D
  • Yes it will lessen the sound but not totally gone. Aside from reducing the sound, it would also help on the stability of pointing the gun to your target.
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    No, it makes the gun hearing safe, not quiet. Hearing safe is about as loud as a chainsaw, which is still audible at a few hundred yards 
  • "it would also help on the stability of pointing the gun to your target." cool :) 
    I never knew about that.Thanks for additional information.

  • Yes, I already watched shooting videos on youtube.I got interested after reading those pieces of information here and really help me understand it all.Thanks!
  • I think it would only decrease the sounds of gun but not totally to silent it's sound. Because many people thought that if there is a silencer to a gun, it will not anymore create a sound or noise which is a wrong beliefs.
  • First and foremost there is no such thing as a "silencer". They are actually called suppressors. Because they do not make firearms silent, they only reduce the sound by a certain percentage. 

    TV and Movies have made a lot of myths in this area. Suppressors typically reduce the report of a firearm by about 30-45 decibels. A 30-decibel reduction in theory means an AR-15 rifle would have a noise equivalent of 132 decibels. That is considered equivalent to a gunshot or a jackhammer. A .22-caliber pistol would be 116 decibels, which is louder than a 100-watt car stereo. In all likelihood, the noise level is actually higher.

    So please do not believe all the hype about suppressors makign guns "silent". Having shot many with suppressors, they are anything but silent, but a lot easier on the ears with one. ;)
  • This is a total misconception, i agree to almost everybody in this thread. It is not really a silencer, it just suppresses a little but still too loud if you actually can hear it in real life. Movies really confuses their audience a lot. Actually for me, silencer only makes the sound of a gun a little different from the real noise it makes.
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