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Why stricter gun laws do not work.

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 3
Whenever a mass shooting occurs the media does it's best to portray a situation as " If these stricter gun laws were in place at the time it could have stopped this massacre from ever happening". But the truth is stricter gun laws do not work for CRIMINALS. They only work for disarming law abiding citizens.

CRIMINALS do NOT follow laws so do you think they would follow GUN laws? Absolutely not. If a CRIMINAL wants a Gun they will find one by any means necessary. Look at California for instance. The state has some of the most strict gun laws in the country but that does not stop a CRIMINAL from walking on to the property of a Gun free elementary school zone and shooting it up.

Politicians that know absolutely nothing about guns make up stupid gun laws that only affect people trying to buy them legally. It solves nothing when it comes to CRIMINALS.

Get the illegal guns off the street. I don't care how unconstitutional our government has to be to find and get all of these illegal guns off the street. After that is done every state must require a Firearms Identification Card just like here in NJ to buy a Gun. To obtain a FID card you should have to be mentally evaluated by a professional doctor and give up all mental health records along with fingerprints and criminal background check. It should also be necessary to take a basic fire arms course for you to obtain a weapon. If you pass an evaluation by a professional doctor and take a Firearms class you should be able to own any semi-automatic firearm you want but you MUST REGISTER IT.

As of now you do not have to register firearms in this country after you buy one so how does the government keep track of the firearms being bought? They don't! But our state will pass stupid laws like changing the magazine count from 15 to 10 to make the liberals stop crying.

I am very pro second amendment and I believe I have the right to safely store a gun of my choosing in my home to protect me and my family but these gun control laws are doing nothing but making it difficult for law abiding citizens like me. The government needs to step up and get all of the illegal guns off the street, make citizens in every state obtain an FID card and go through training and psychological evaluations before getting one, and REGISTERING the guns so if someone does illegally sell it or do something with it they can trace where it came from! But no, politicians are too worried about lowering magazine counts and banning AR-15s.


  • The government should not allow anybody to easily own a gun. I agree with you. They should undergo some trainings and tests prior of owning a gun. Now, if the government can not control the spread of illegal guns, then they should impose heavier penalty on illegal possession of fire arms.
  • In my opinion why gun laws do not work it's because not everyone is supporting it and there is some people who thinks that having a gun on their own is a right to protect their self which is probably right, but the only bad thing that I see is that there is some gun owners who uses their guns not responsibly. Gun laws doesn't say that no one can own guns anymore the truth purpose of it is to limit to 1 gun per person. But for me It should be 3 guns per home but every gun owners should be very responsible in using of it.
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    Right! Some laws are just limiting others to protect themselves against those criminals who does not care about the laws in the first place. Government should focus more on those illegal owners instead and confiscate their guns.
  • If you are a law abiding citizen you should be able to own any semi-automatic weapon you want. And as many as you want if they are SAFLEY stored.

    The government needs to step up and clean the mess they made and not take the easy way out and pass laws to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own guns.

    They need to get all of the illegally possessed fire arms off of the street, implement much better background checks including mental health tests, have the guns REGISTERED so all gund sold can be traced to who actually bought it and have a strict system in place on who gets to buy guns.
  • Newspapers
    collude with local government, state and federal courts on the highest
    levels that refuse to recognize, follow and uphold laws related to establishing effective mental health care.  Instead they 
    GAG 17 reporters and editors to prevent them from even talking about a
    lawsuit filed by three grandmothers and myself to attempt to get federal
    courts to compel counties to follow state laws after 8 suits in state
    courts are met with continual injustice and deprivation of rights in an
    effort reaching back to 1998 to create EFFECTIVE mental health care


    case was about compelling to follow state heath and safety code 1370.4
    which requires municipalities that benefit from a state health care plan
    to work with the public to develop experimental treatments is there is a
    chance of loss of life in 2 years without it.

    The treatment proposed treated the unconscious mind directly.  The unconscious mind controls humans for the most part.

    Psychology currently has no treatment direct to the unconscious mind.  They drug people and people do not like it.   It's no more than chemical prison or punishment.
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    My opinion about these is ithinks no cooperation of all people to prevent or to make more efective the law why no cooperation of other people its because he or she dont want to be mesirable of his life because who handle of unauthorized gun is drug people or bad people.
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