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What is the real, practical benefit of assault weapons bans?

Assault weapons bans are based off of various cosmetic features, not any real functional use of the gun. I just dont see the point of this legislation
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    assault weapons ban in reality they are already illegal for civilians to own. Because this gun is verry danger many people kills because of gun i think need to decrease creating of gun because many people use of gun without authorized if you have a money its easy to buy a gun many people use gun without license but people scared to report its because if you report to the police maybe your life is in danger.
  • I'm sorry but how do you ban something that does not really exist? "Assault Weapons" are a creation of the media and uneducated firearms haters. The word "assault" is a verb an action, not a descriptor of an object. Firearms come in a variety of styles and calibers. Each having a purpose and use. So when you hear the term "assault weapon" politely inform the person uttering those silly words that they do not exist.
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    @sha30 What? Nothing you said makes any sense. From what I can piece together from what you said, you are claiming these guns are dangerous, are used to kill many people, and that my life is in danger. In reality, these guns are rarely used in crimes, with rifles as a whole making up about 2% of the homicides in the US, and I have about a 1/400 chance of getting murdered in my entire life, which is even lower considering that I am a low risk individual (No ties to family, not a gang member, etc)

    @DownRangewithCW It has a definition as a semi automatic rifle with a pistol grip, detachable magazine, and a set of cosmetic features such as forward grips, flash hiders, threaded barrels, etc. While it is a stupid idea to ban them in my mind, it is not undefined
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