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Pointing a gun to someone = shooting it

I don't know if it's really true but i always encounter someone that says might as well pull the trigger rather than just pointing it to someone, it would likely be the same punishment. I am in full doubt about it and  I know it does not apply to all especially to authorities or someone who is in pursuit of a criminal. But in case you're just a regular gun owner, for example someone is just threatening another, is it really the same as firing your weapon? Is there such law that goes this way?


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    Shooting of gun Gun is verry danger because if people used gun in a badway its kill people in one click we have good and bad effect of gun its good if gun use in a good way and bad if used to bully people many people scared to gun because if you walk outside with gun the look to you in people you are high people or danger man because i thinks many people today used a gun gun with no paper or no licens it means not authorized gun is verry danger because gun many kills people even good or bad because of inproper of use or shooting of gun thats all.
  • Sorry but the threat of deadly force and the use of deadly force are not the same, either legally or in life. Using a firearm for self-defense does not always end in someone being shot or even the firerm being shot. Many of the defensive uses never make news or reports to police because no one was injured or the gun even fired. As a LEO I pulled my firearm several thousand times over more than three decades, and not all of them did I shoot someone.

    So the best thing one can do is learn the state laws on the use of force to defend yourslef before buying or carryign a gun. Know when you can and cannot use it. WHat it shoudl be used for and not be used for.
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