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Gun Deaths

edited December 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 47
What exactly is the point of the statistic "gun deaths"? It just doesn't make sense to me to lump in homicides, suicides, accidental shootings, and legally justified shootings into one category. And then, isn't the relevant total homicides, total suicides, total accidental deaths, and successful cases of self defense? Isnt it pointless if gun control only reduces the amount of firearm homicides if people just murder and commit suicide through other means, people take up other more dangerous hobbies instead and kill themselves more often, and isn't it a good thing to have people defend themselves with guns?  Talking about gun deaths makes no sense to me, we should all address the core issues here


  • That is pretty much the reality.

    It comes down to one issue.  Extreme violence is a mental issue, and that is controlled by the human unconscious mind.

    A doctors opinion.

    But, we find a joining of church and state preventing psychology from examining the unconscious mind.  The church believe that is where satan dwells so prevents medical academia from exploring it in the available ways.  When courts are used they always decide for the churches interests and media uses them to prevent the public from knowing the public is trying to use courts to compel direct treatment to the unconscious mind.

    Seventeen reporters and editors gagged so that they cannot even talk about a lawsuit filed in federal court to attempt to get santa barbara county to follow the intent of 1370.4 of the CHS.

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