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Are you a pro or anti guns?

edited December 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 20
Are you against having guns exist or not? Justify your opinion.


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    You do realize that the world isn't made of blacks and whites? You don't have to belive in one absolute or another 
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    Anti gun is very hard to do this its because many crime if no gun becausea if people do a crime he cannot scared because no gun how to protect your self againt people not doing to you many positive and negative to do this i thinks its good if all people no gun only police have gun but its hard to do this because many people ha a gun without paper its because i think if people have a too much money its easy to a buy a gun without paper.
  • Maybe I'm in between.Because some people use guns to fight for self defense or to fight criminals.But Criminals or bad guys use guns for robberies,crimes and killings.
    There's a positive and negative effects of having a gun.Nowadays,The number of suicide, homicide, domestic violence is increasing.
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    Well based on what I observed, It's better without guns.Although there are the advantages and disadvantage with having one still majority of it is the negative effect of having yes I am anti gun.
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    This is one of those topics that require a deep breath and counting to ten before typing. To quote a philosophy professor I was fortunate enough to learn from, "They aren't unicorns. Existing or not is not in question." I truly think this sort of discussion and concept is contributing to the constant fight over guns. They exist. They will never be nonexistent. The genie doesn't go back into the lamp. This same basic truth also applies to nuclear weapons. Many consider them one of the world's greatest evils but there is no going back. The only question is how we deal with weapons of any kind. The only guarantee is their continued existence. 
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