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Why don't people call for controls on......

edited March 9 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
Why don't people call for controls on recreational boats and pools?  3500 children are drowned each year.  That's twice as many as are killed by guns.  Will more controls make careless people more careful?  I propose that the REAL problem behind shootings are the culture of violence and death that has taken over the psyche of too many people.  Violence and death are glorified as well as people being desensitized to it.  I was raised with violence, but the difference is that I knew, even as a young person, that violence WASN'T a good thing. We played army, then did something else.  Violence is being hammered into people's heads so hard that they can't help but be obsessed with it. People really need to broaden their horizons beyond video games, TV and what people are saying about them on social networks.


  • Posts: 26
    Thanks for your question and welcome to Gun Control Forums.  Usually when you here of pool or boat deaths it involves one person.  Lately the shootings have been multiple deaths. I think people are more sensitized to gun deaths for that reason.  I think that sensitivity is what clouds our minds from making clear decisions about remedies to violence.
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