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I think all guns should be illegal for citizens to own

I think all guns should be illegal for citizens to own


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    Why is that? The burden of proof is on you, so prove your case.
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    Hi @Molotov :

    I think our forefathers wanted to ensure that States could gather a militia in case the federal government started to charge unfair taxes.  I think back then they didn't have so many guns with children carrying guns into schools and mass random shootings.  If those same forefathers were alive today I think they'd want to limit the proliferation of guns.  Perhaps the State keeps the guns in lockup?

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    @Julie_M a Militia is a body of Armed citizens, that usually aren’t gathered by the state. Also maybe I missed it but you need to explain why we should put efforts into banning and confiscating every civilian owned firearm in the US.
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