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Weapon Detectors in Schools

edited February 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
When I was in high school, we had locker inspections.  Some schools have metal detectors.  Do you think these are a good idea?  Are they effective?


  • I think the only way this works is if there are armed guards enforcing the metal detectors. What good would it do to have an unarmed guard checking for weapons. There would be nothing they could do if someone did have a weapon. This could get dangerous for our children though. So we have to be careful when we start talking about metal detectors in school. 
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    They still have locker inspections and drug searches where I am at in IL.I believe there should be metal detectors in Schools and other places probaly to.I agree they should have a armed guard over seeing it, or you would be just creating another dangerous position and also they should have the hand held detectors also in case of a suspicious situation would come up,you never know when the 1st detector could fail or someone could have one hidden already there is nothing wrong with precautions.They have them in court houses and they also have armed cops all over if we can protect our Judges and that this much,why can't we protect our kids.
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    Best way to indoctrinate our children to living in a police state is to educate them in the environment of a prison.  
  • I know that times have changed since I was in school, even since my son was in school. I remember going to school functions for my son and feeling somewhat afraid. I know that sounds like I'm wussy but it's true. The kids are mostly taller than I, rushing around and knowing just where they are supposed to be. A tad intimidating to say the least. I don't think I would have felt any safer if I went through a metal detector at the door. Violence is bound to happen if the school doesn't implement strong safe guards against it and staff the school as it should be. That said, I think it should be left to the individual school district to choose yes or no to metal detectors and other gun detecting methods. If the local residents think "It's not gonna happen here" they are fooling themselves and possible putting there own children at risk.
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    I am not picking on you at all here CherlTorrie,but being intimidated by someone bigger or taller is a misconception many make and I don't think that's right.Some of the biggest and tallest people I know are the nicest and most gentle people you could ever meet,and if it is their school they should know where they are going.I am also a little confused about what you said about the school implementing safe guards and prevention is a safe guard and that would be metal detectors.I am sure there is no kid in schools today that don't have some suspicion of a fellow student or two.I feel we have to start some where,to stop the out of control people we have in this world.We can't just expect someone else to do it,it has to be a community effort.
  • I agree with rbower80 about the height thing.  A couple of my friends (2 boys and a girl) were over 6 feet tall.  They used to joke about being my "bodyguards" because I just hit my completed height of 5'4" at the time.  I do understand what you mean about being even more worried with metal detectors.  It makes you feel like, "Oh, no.  If there are detectors here, this must happen often", as you see them in places like courthouses and airplanes.  However, these should make you feel more safe, because it is harder to sneak weapons in to a place where there is a detector for them.  Also, it will deter students from trying to bring in the weapons, as they wouldn't want to be caught. 
  • The students detered from having weapons are those not inclined to have them in the first place, those students that will commit crimes do so anyway.

    Recently there was a tragic News report in Colorado, of two young high school girls, one girl shot the other and then commited suicide, both died, it was rumored they were in a romantic relationship, and somehow the first girl was perhaps breaking up with the second girl, precipitating the murder / suicide deaths of both girls.

    Precautions and laws are detrimental when people rely soley on them, and forget there are other factors to consider as far as people and security, the tendency is to focus on an easy fix and think we have made everone safe !
  • Yes they definitely are. Guns are dangerous objects and should never be around school premises.

    Once a class mate of mine brought a gun to the class. We all were too intrigued by it that we all touched it and played with it. The problem was that it was a live gun and loaded and the safety was off a single slip and someone would have been seriously injured or worse. Later the child's father came to take his gun and was so angry-he was an officer. We all were punished severely.

    My life and the lives of my fellow classmates were endangered simply because the school did not conduct searches to students coming in the compound. So searching in schools is a requirement if we want the children safe.
  • " So searching in schools is a requirement if we want the children safe. "

    What about teaching children NOT to take Dads gun ? to be responsible and act right ? Mom & Dad can't be everywhere, so children need to learn how not to act too, don't steal, smoke, drink alcohol, do homework, study, pass tests, get good grades etc...
  • You set a bad trend treating everyone like a criminal, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, treat someone like a criminal long enough, and soon, they will become a criminal.
  • I think that schools schools should have routine locker inspections and have metal detectors installed at the main entrances. By having these metal detectors and locker inspections in place would lower the number of school shootings. Also, by having locker inspections would lower the amount of drug activity in schools to below 9%. 
  • While I am against the NRA and gun control, I do think that metal detectors in school would be a great idea. I think this would stop a problem before it starts. If metal detectors were used at all entrances of the schools the the guns would not even make in the schools and it my give parents a little comfort and piece of mind.
  • I think it's a good idea considering kids shouldn't be the ones having weapons. If anyone should have a weapon at school it should be a trusted staff.
  • I support the idea of having metal detectors in schools. This might deter some students from carrying weapons to school, and one less weapon could probably be one less death or bodily harm.
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    I think it's a good thing to have. School is suppose to be a safe environment for your kids. Some might feel like it's a invasion of privacy, but now a days you have to do it. Weapons and contraband is easily accessible, and some kids are using them. Columbine is just the tip of the iceberg of what could happen if these measures are not in place.
  • Until columbine, my generation had never heard of school shootings. I was raised in a rural area and many students had gun racks in their vehicles. Has anyone shot anyone at our schools here? Still to this day no. However, school is a whole different world today compared to then. Metal detectors would only solve part of the problem. Kids today can make nearly anything into a weapon and if angry enough seriously hurt or kill someone with said weapon. Unfortunately a generation of children with little rules or consequences are attending schools now. Respect, knowledge, and learning behaviors start at home. Until these things are brought back into the world, school has to be like a prison to protect kids.
  • Yes, they are both effective. There was a point where they thought the kids were over doing it, at my old middle school, and then they were forced to permanently disable the use of lockers. Kids would sneak in weapons and drugs, so they thought they could save their time by not using them at all. They were effective, but I don't think they found it worthy of checking lockers everyday when the students would bring those things anyways.
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    "" So searching in schools is a requirement if we want the children safe. "

    about teaching children NOT to take Dads gun ? to be responsible and
    act right ? Mom & Dad can't be everywhere, so children need to
    learn how not to act too, don't steal, smoke, drink alcohol, do
    homework, study, pass tests, get good grades etc..."

    Thank you! This kind of weapons awareness needs to start from home. Unfotunately some parents care more about their own little self rather than teaching their kids that their owned guns are dangerous.
    Whenever there's kids or teens around guns there's bound to be a problem if they don't realise that these things are not toys.

    Another thing is noticing your kid has a problem in their schoold environement, just look at the kids who started school shootings: they were obviously and unmistakenly out of their rocker, and some of them were on meds.

    We can't expect teens and kids to behave in a certain way if we just neglect their needs and problems. You can't just cram a kid with meds and expect it all to be fine. We, as parents, need to take things into our own hands and remove anything weapon-like from their vicinity if we realise they're not right on their mind.
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    It seems so wrong on the surface, but then again we are at a point where we cannot afford to take safety lightly.  I think a large issue is the size of schools these days.  When you have these giant public schools with 5,000 plus students it is very hard to monitor the kids and who is coming and going.  I can honestly say that I am not sure if they are a good idea, and I can see arguments for both sides.  I am curious as to if there are any case studies out there that might provide some insight.
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    I suppose weapons detectors in schools are not a strange phenomenon. Any intervention that averts the loss of life no matter the circumstances should be welcomed as possible loss of life should be weighed against the inconvenience of having the detectors. The issue is, those against gun detectors in schools don't present a viable alternative and everyone scrambles for a solution when trouble strikes. Preemptive measures no matter how odd always win as better strategieg are being sought.
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