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I have a deal for the ANTI'S

edited January 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
If you can show me one case where a gun killed any body on it's own without any interaction from a person,I will give up my guns and join your fight against guns.I am sure this shouldn't be so hard with all the claims against guns killing all these people.If you can't then you have to join my side and fight for gun rights.Do we have a deal?


  • Yes exactly. I've seen so many memes about this very subject. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. They can use knives, ropes, any other weapon. But when that happens, people don't scream knife control!
  • I agree.  Even misfires need a human hand to happen.
  • I applaud your challenge to the anti-gun owners everywhere. It's just plain silly to think that an inanimate object can kill without human interaction. Well, I guess there are chemical weapons that can but they would still have to be created and released by humans. I wish there was someway to make people see what is obvious to us law abiding gun owners. 
  • I don't think you're going to get any takers. This has always been my point. I don't have any problem with guns, it's a problem with the person holding the gun. I don't know if this will sway anybody else, but it is something for them to think about.
  • Posts: 234
    That was the intention is to make people think before blaming a gun for the evil in our world,it takes bad people to make it evil.
  • Great post. I completely agree it is not the guns killing people it is the people that have the guns. Now if they take our guns away we will be defenseless against the criminals that are trying to hurt us. I am one hundred percent for guns and nothing can change my mind. My family is the most important thing to me and I will do whatever I have to do to protect them. 
  • I agree.  I hate when they blame guns for the problems.  1) guns can't do anything on their own. 2) if you blame the gun, then you take away the accountability of the person who is committing the crime.  I understand that most anti-gun people don't literally think that a gun is evil.  They realize it's just a tool and dangerous in the wrong hands.  The problem is the method.  There way of thinking is that if we get rid of the guns, then the bad guys won't be able to use them anymore.  This would be ineffective for the simple reason that they have already been invented.  Once something is around, it is around forever.  You can't uninvent something.  Also, even though it's a satire, I strongly recommend watching the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode with Billy the Kid.  That gives a realistic (albeit, exaggerated) view of the outcome of a world without guns.
  • Posts: 234
    I agree guns are here to stay there is no going back now.I wish people could use the anger and fear of all these murders to fight for the right things,it is so much more complex then picking out one thing and just fighting for that.I am a firm believer that we have to start at the beginning of all this,and that is with the individuals that choose to ignore the laws we have already and the law enforcement and the justice system needs to make the needed changes,because without enforcing the laws we have what do we have to correct anything.They know we have gang troubles and drugs,and illegal gun,and the mentally ill,and what do they do about it but make excuses.
  • If they want to single out one thing to focus on and change, how about jail?  Instead of taking away the weapons focus on making jail an actual punishment.  Take away the cable and the library and any other non-essential. They aren't there to work out and watch TV.  They are there to learn from their mistakes.  They are there because what they did was wrong.  They should live better than the tax payers who are paying for their luxury.  I'm not saying treat them inhumanely.  If we are on this side of the bars, that means we should strive to be better than them.  But if you send your kid to their room, don't you take out their X-Box?  Same thing here.  No frills when you are being punished.  That would stop a lot of crime.  Some people actually commit crimes to go to jail because their lives would be better IN jail.  We need to put a stop to that. 

  • Posts: 21
    If your trying to say that guns don't kill people, that people kill people, I agree.  It's just that guns in the wrong hands has become a huge problem.  Now I am not for banning guns completely, I am however for more stricter back ground checks.  Also, sorry I don't like those automatic machine guns, I just can't see why these should be allowed to be bought from the public.  Hand guns and rifles are one thing these are another.  To me these should only be used by those in combat conditions and maybe SWAT teams no one else should have access to such a powerful weapon, which when in the wrong hands has proven to be really lethal.  Also, parents need to make it clear to kids that these aren't toys when having guns in the house.  I have heard way too many stories of a kid getting hold of a gun and accidentally shooting someone.  Guns need to be kept under lock and key when in a home especially with kids around.  Yes, I know that guns don't work on their own, but it's the fact that guns fall into the wrong hands that has led to major issues.
  • Posts: 234
    of course all guns can kill if they are in the wrong hands,but it doesn't make any difference what kind,or make,or model they are you are just as dead.The number of times these kind of weapons have been used is very few.To pick out certain guns and how many shells it can shoot is not addressing the real problem either.I don't have any machine guns or ar-15s but that doesn't mean I should be against them either.We need to work on the people not guns,to much time is being wasted on the object,instead of the type of people that do the wrong things with them,not the ones that don't do wrong with them.It makes no sense to disarm a honest law abiding citizen or to make things tougher on them.When the innocent have to pay for the guilty this is counter productive.The big problem is the way laws are enforced that we already have,so what good would more laws and restrictions do,they don't enforce the other ones.Then they cut mental health insurance and wonder why the problem is growing.
  • Actually, there are a few reasons that automatic weapons are sold to the general public.  One very important reason is dangerous animals.  There are some, like crocodiles and alligators, that unless you are a crack shot, you won't be able to kill the with regular bullets because of their thick hides.  In some places, they kill livestock that people depend on for their livelihood and sometimes they will attack people.  Not always, but in those cases, people need automatic weapons, because the others won't do. 
  • Posts: 234
    That is true about crocs and gators they have about a quarter size kill shot on the head to hit think about that if you were being chased by one what would you want a single shot or more.Then you always have bears,wolves,cougars (mountain lions),wolverines,moose, ect. depending on where you live.I think many only think of the area they live in and don't see the dangers in the rest of the country.They can also be used in hunting in many areas now, and target shooting.We don't have guns just to kill other people that's the bad people again not us.I think this is the line that many get confused on,and the ones that don't understand this are the ones eager to change everything just on a misconception. When you only focus on one part of a problem that is the only thing you see.
  • We have the big cat problem where I live.  Actually, just a few years ago we had a big problem with bobcats going into people's yards and eating their small pets.  In broad daylight, nonetheless.  It was crazy.  I was lucky.  I didn't run into them.  The worst problem I ever faced was trying to go to school and a baby bear was standing in the path.  We lived in the woods at the time.  I just turned around and went home.  You should have seen the teacher's face when she read the note.  The school called my mom to verify it.  However, it was not considered a "legal" absence. 
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    "Yes exactly. I've seen so many memes about this very subject. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. They can use knives, ropes, any other weapon. But when that happens, people don't scream knife control!"
    Yeah people fall down and no one screams... "fall down control!" Come one! Dying from falling down is just as prevalent as dying from gunfire and no one is shining the spotlight on it like they do on guns. 
  • While I agree, guns do not kill people themselves, I feel it is foolish to think that that's the only part to the argument. I believe in stronger background checks, because in my opinion it CAN make it more difficult for people who have proven they don't deserve the privilege to actually get a gun, and you should have no problem with that if you have good intentions with the gun. The reason that spotlight is on guns has a lot to do with how easy it is to keep distance. Guns give the ability to kill someone when they can't fight back, unlike the close proximity of knives or beating someone, etc. 
    Now if you are just saying guns don't kill people, I still agree. We're all responsible for our own actions, and no gun is going to change that. 
  • Tragic, LC, but if anything, that shows irresponsibility of the gun owner/the people leaving the child alone in the car with a gun. If careful and secured, that kind of thing just doesn't happen. 
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    When it comes to the issue of guns, you should not trivialise matters and talk about knives. These are not weapons of mass destruction in the same fashion as guns. The issue of gun loss and gun theft is one these self righteous gun ownership proponents keep under wraps.
  • Sadly in the UK, after gun bans happened, knife crime skyrocketed. Their answer was to ban all knives with sharp points and all knives over 6 inches. Plus any UK resident must be over 18 to buy any knife and provide reason. The UK is a nanny-nation, the country wants to ban anything that can or even remotely could potentially pose a risk of harming a human.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    I definitely agree, but I wouldn't make the deal with anyone because we just know it's impossible. Guns are not sentient, and cannot make that type of decision what so ever. People are good until they choose to go bad, people are law abiding until they choose not to be so you don't know who is going to do what when they have a gun, or kill someone with their bare hands.
  • If guns kill people do pencils misspell words?
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