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Should gun safety be taught in Schools?



  • I am 100% for gun rights. I was raised around my different firearms as a child. I do believe though in this day and age having gun safety taught in our school may give a better understanding of gun safety and the correct way to handle them. Don't get me wrong I do strongly believe that if there are going to be guns in a home then it is the parents job to teach the children about it but that is not always the case so having gun safety taught in school may help cut down on the accidential shooting that go on.
  • Kids can learn firearms safety in a completely supervised range teaching environment, with all safety measures in place, there are very nice specially designed single shot .22 LR rifles specially designed for training purposes.

    I can remember as a young child, I knew there was a big difference between a real gun and a toy cap pistol, and how one should never point a gun at people, or play with guns, guns were for target shooting, hunting, and in really extreme cases, self defense.
  • Yes absolutely. I think it should be taught from a young age, maybe middle school or so. I think everyone needs to know these things. Accidents can happen at anytime, so why not teach our children to be safe about it? i will be teaching mine within the next few years. They are 4 & 5 now. 
  • Yes, in an environment where so many persons whoh are pro gun possession inclined, I believe that it would be a wise idea to teach gun safety to children in schools. There is the possibility that they may encounter the presence of this type of weapon at some time and it would be good a good thing that they would be aware of the measures that would prevent any contact with the weapon from being a danger to them or others who would be around.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    Gun safety should be taught outside of school, it is not a standard that we humans need to know in order to live life. Doing so would make me question what education is really for. If we were living a way of life where all children were going to be warehouse workers by default because of slavery, then the only thing we would need to teach them in school is how to do a particular task for the rest of their lives. 

    There would be no need to teach them math, science if the aren't going to ever use it. That's the same with guns, if guns were a standard way of life for humans in today's era, then I see no reason for why we wouldn't teach our kids gun safety in school. That is not the way of life I want human kind to head towards. 

    We teach kids what they need to know for the current way of life we live.
  • Posts: 24
    Well I would like to consider myself one of personal freedoms and all of that, but you really do have to understand that this is a tough one to argue.  I get it, and you can justify it by saying everyone is safer and why avoid the issue and all of that, but you are still teaching it to impressionable kids so I just see where it can go very wrong.  It is an interesting topic, though, and thanks for sharing.
  • Posts: 75
    I am of the opinion that gun safety should be taught in schools but not in a manner as to expose students to aspects of gun use that would excite their imagination beyond the basics since they are at an impressionable age. Lessons on gun safety should be restricted to correct storage, first aid, vigilance and basic self defence and safety procedures. The lessons should also contain aspects of counselling against depression and conflict resolution. Case studies on lethality of gun ownership should be taught to them so as to discourage them from future violence.
  • Posts: 75
    I propose that gun safety should be taught in schools. It doesn't pay to hide behind the presumed ignorance and or innocence of children since they will learn the same from other sources. So why not do it in schools. This is likely to provoke debate as was the case of whether sex education should be taught in schools. We connot afford to bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial goose.
  • Gun control should totally be taught and discussed in our schools. Rather than removing our guns and making them scary we should teach firearm safety and the importance of the 2nd amendment. 
  • This is a great post. Its so hard to say what to do here, but if we know shootings are going to occur then we believe children should be prepared. We believe we should teach them on how to be safe if there is a shooting. We don't believe there should be a class on how to handle a firearm. 
  • Yes, I agree with that man.Kids these days should know what is the real purpose of gun and should know what would be the effect to a persons life and of course they should know what to do if they encounter a criminal with a gun.
  • I agree with this.It should be taught in school to be aware how dangerous the gun is.A proper teaching and training can reduce the risk of accidental shooting especially kids.
  • Posts: 10
    Yes, it should be. But actually, education about it must come from our home first, from our parents. They must educate us about the danger that a gun can create to mankind. But since nowadays parents are fond or busy making money, they tend to forget their obligations to their children, and that is to educate. Nevertheless, our teachers are our second mother/father, and schools are our second home, so it is a very good proposal if the school teach children the precautions about guns, how dangerous it is and the children must not see it as a toy. Not only the academic subjects must be taught in school, but also the safety precautions that can save lives and to prevent harmful actions once the children are outside.
  • Yes guns would make students kill each others. So clean so good, Sogo brought you by  modess with wide wings for full protection agains bullets.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think they will just get curious about that, and will find way to touch a gun.  I think the parents need that education, their community should conduct some seminars about the proper way to keep their gun's away from their kids.  
  • This is an interesting issue. But I guess it is an advantage to teach the students on gun safety because that can save lives. We know that teenagers sometimes go wild with their ideas and they love to experiment. Some child killings were the result of teenagers in their experiment. If they fully know the consequences of holding a gun then accidental shootings can be avoided. Students aged 13 and above are ripe for gun lessons.
  • As long as there is gun law bill, it's definitely important to teach gun safety at school because believe it or not these children always find a way to have access to guns without their parent or guardian notice.

    They might be having one or two touches with their parents guns without the parent knowing or their friends family own. Some crazy kids might to gun peddlers at black market and buy one. This is why it's very important that guns safety be taught in school, at least to give them the knowledge of how to be safe from wrongly using these guns and getting injured or even killed at worst.
  • I don't think there is anything wrong in teaching kids about guns at schools especially those countries where the usage of guns are legalized at a certain age. One more thing is that it is going to make it easier for these kids to see guns as a means of protection and not a tool to commit crimes. So, I am in support of educating these kids on the use of guns at schools.
  • Yes I agree with that, it should taught in school we should face the better side of it rather than the bad side of it.
  • Definitively agree. Kids are not stupid, they are very curious, and if we don't talk to them, and let them know what guns can do, then we can be sorry for a mistake they can do. It seems like a paradox that we are even thinking about it, but honestly, this is not the same society as 20-30 years ago. New society, new dangers, new rules, new behavior, and if school don't help parents, on how to deal with gun safety, then kids will find a way to learn what they want, and they will do it in a wrong way.
  • Absolutely children must know the responsibilities and dangers of holding a gun. My grandfather taught me everything about guns but he never forgets to teach me that I must not point a gun at anyone except if my life is in grave danger. Children must be taught that guns are not for fun and not like playing a video game after shooting someone he or she will respawn after some time. They must understand everything about life and death so that they won't become irresponsible adults that would have a gun just to brag about it.
  • I agree that gun safety should be taught in school but it is very risky. We can't expect people to be taught the theory part of it and leave out practicals. There are always minor accidents involved when doing practicals and so you can imagine when it comes to guns. I think it shouldn't be made compulsory to learn about guns. We should leave it for military schools because they can handle it.

    Anyone who enrolls in military school is already prepared and knows what to expect. I wouldn't attend a gun lesson when I am even scared to touch a gun and apart from that, I also feel I will not need it in future.
  • Yes! There is news out there about people, mostly students, who mishandle guns. So, I think it is a good idea to have a lesson about how to be responsible when you have a gun in your possession. 
  • Posts: 2
    I guess the deal is not to expose children for any types of guns but give them the rationale danger effect of that weapon. Nowadays youth are very aggressive handling a gun due to self defense and vengeance to their enemies but we shouldn't tolerate that. I am not a fanatic gun carrier and wanted my children to grow up not carrying any guns at all.
  • Yes, It should be. but teaching gun safety should start at highschool because in that stage they already happy a proper knowledge to understand why they should know how to hold a gun without riskig their life. There are recently reported that most of the victims of gun accidents is teen agers. so Gun safety should me done now.
  • Generally, anything related to safety must be taught not only to every students but also to everybody. In some countries like Philippines, military training is included in the curriculum and it is usually a requirement especially for those male students.

    In this particular training, they teach students on how to handle gun and other weapons safely. As what I have remembered, our commandant taught us on how disassemble and reassemble gun parts. This skills is very useful especially if you own a gun. Not everyone can own a gun but knowing how to handle gun safely is an edge.

    Whenever hazards are identified, risk assessment must be checked. And in our risk assessment, educating people is one way in order to reduce the danger, if can't be totally eliminated.
  • In theory it's not such a bad idea, but I think it would be almost impossible to implement, at least in public schools. I suppose in a private school it might be possible, but I think there'd be far too much backlash if you tried to introduce such a thing in a public school environment. Way too many people would bristle at the thought of guns being allowed on a public school campus, even prop guns.
  • (Again, I tried to quote Bette's comment, "When I hear the word "safety", I think they would be teaching kids to stay away from guns, never touch a gun, call an adult if they come across a gun, that guns kill, that more people are killed mishandling guns or in domestic violence situations gone bad than those "intruders" the guns were originally bought for... etc. ", but the button didn't work.)

    This intuitive approach has already had some bad effects in real life. To school shooters, schools like some in Europe where everyone has successfully been taught gun phobia are the sort of ducks-in-a-barrel target that appeal to whatever a school shooter has in the way of a mind. School shooters are encouraged by "gun-free zones" and have been successfully discouraged by people like a Louisiana school principal who just stood up and said, "You're not going to shoot my kids."

    I'm not sure that taxpayers need to be funding real pistols and bullets for school marksmanship classes, but electronic simulation games wouldn't be terribly expensive these days...

    For children below age 10-12, I do think "Just stay away from guns because you might get hurt" is the best line for schools to take. Some little children's brains have developed enough that they can be taught safely to handle all sorts of things parents are advised to Keep Out of Reach of Children, up to and including airplanes. Many have not. I'd want to make sure children were competent to handle things like sewing needles and steak knives before I tried teaching them anything about guns.
  • @ ecole1 1 j, this is a matter of life and death, whether in private or public school gun safety should be taught in school.The same way they are safety drills in both public and private schools because it's a matter of safety.We are living in a dangerous world and we all have to learn to protect ourselves.The ratio of police to civilian is decreasing. So there is not a lot of help coming from there. Many people own guns.It is a good idea to teach kids when they are still young and impressionable on how to handle them.At the same time, you can teach them about the dangers.In some schools especially in the Us kids carry guns.This may stop them from gun crime. 
  • For my own opinion I would support that statement, I think it is now the right time to teach students at the legal age to know such precautionary measures in using a gun. It is for them to be enlighten that guns are not just like toys that can be used anytime they want..It is also to avoid violence that may arise by using a gun since we all know now a days that gun extremism or gun shooting incident s rampant in the different parts of the world. At the young age, they will realize how destructive a gun if it is used for illegal activities and its goodness as well for protecting others life in times of necessities.
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