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Non-Violent Gun Uses



  • Firearms ownership can become a moral high ground of sorts, not having a gun for defensive purposes, creating a self imposed barrier for puposes not deemed appropriate, would you simply allow your children to be harmed, rather than protect them from a psychopathic serial killer intent on harming them using your gun ?

    I own guns for all lawful purposes, including personal defense.
    I have used my guns to defend myself and others, and should the need arise again, I pray God help to direct me and guide me in all things.
  • Posts: 75
    I suppose the only way to look at guns with a sympathetic mind is when you possess them minus the bullets. The fact remains that even if the gun is meant for self defence, there is a flicker of insecurity in your mind should something go wrong like an accidental discharge which has been known to happen even with the security services. Gun games can also be conducted but with the absence of bullets while making use of gunpowder.
  • I agree that guns can be an art as well, like as what you've said, you can collect guns and display it on your home. Collecting guns and displaying them seems a cool idea for me and probably an unharmful thing to do with it.
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    For me holding or people have a gun it is good as soon as use in a good way because all people if gun using in not good way it is bad because sometimes people gun use for bully to scared people wrong using of gun many people die because of that because the gun today is all is automatic in 1 click people life loss if using in a bad way because gun is have a bad and good side efects.
  • I don't agree with you. I agree with owning a gun to defend yourself but it's not something I would consider as art. What's beautiful about something that kills and maims?Guns are not even that beautiful to look at. What's so artistic about the representation of death? I understand abstract art but this is taking it a step too far.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Just because of being irresponsible of other people, So many gun's owner become affected.  Those gun shooting should consider as isolated case.  Some guns collector, or other responsible guns owner should not be consider as possible murderer  because of their guns.  
  • Posts: 47
    @remnant You cant do shooting competitions without bullets. You don't just want to hit primers, you want to hit targets, which is fun. You cant hunt without bullets, which is a necessary source of food for a lot of people. Accidental discharges do not occur at any significant rate to which they can be considered an issue

    @sha30 your comment is not readable, it makes absolutely 0 sense

    @jaymish Guns are not just used to kill or maim. They are precision tools, with each and every part having its purpose. you can see how people got around the technological limitations of their time, or how simple a mechanism can be made. In all, it really is quite interesting

  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Holding a gun is a big responsibility, not only in the owner but also to the people around them.  They should know how to teach their children about the gun if you really can't avoid to show it to your children. 
  • Non-violence of guns may refer to order, protection, and restraint. It could also consider sport shooting and collecting of guns, but the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to "non-violence of guns" is protection. Protection of yourself, your family, and your home. Hunting, although bloody, has it's conditions to be considered non-violent as well. For example hunting for food because we need to eat in order to survive. On the other hand violence when it comes to hunting is when an animal(especially endangered ones) is killed for the reason of amusement. Overall non-violence for me is best shown when the gun is used for it's most important purpose, protection.
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