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Do Gun Bans Actually Work?



  • If you do not live under a rock and pay any attention to the news and media at all, you will have heard the terms “gun control” or “common sense gun control” and also “assault weapon ban.” The issue is that if you ask different people to define these terms, you get different answers. No one can explain for you exactly what these terms mean, and there is a reason for that—a very simple reason. These terms describe something that does not exist. There is no such thing.

    What? I know, I know– you have been bombarded with these terms for a couple of years now. You think you know what they mean, but you really don’t. They simply do not exist: there is no way to have, make, or legislate anything called “gun control.”

    Gun control is a fallacy that those who fear or do not like firearms use to try to describe something they think will stop the shootings and killings that happen around the country. Well, I hate to burst their bubble, but there is not one single law—not one single “gun-free zone” or anything like that—that has stopped a single shooting. I would love to see the confession of a gun-wielding psychopath who said they were going to shoot up a location but decided not to because they saw a sign that read “gun-free zone”. There are people who think this happens; they are so sure of this that they want to create more gun-free zones. I guess it will take some incident they are involved in to make them realize you cannot legislate safety by taking away the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

    By trying to pass a law that makes the possession of firearms illegal, the only people who would listen to that law are those least likely of all to ever shoot up a populated area. People who listen to the law are not the ones who commit these awful crimes. Murder is against the law and has been since the start of our country and before, yet people still do it. Most drugs are illegal to possess and use—we even have a so-called “war on drugs”—yet you can still buy them anywhere and at any time. Making something illegal only pushes it to the black market. If these people who want to pass gun control laws would just do a little research, they would find that criminals do not follow laws—that’s why they are called criminals.

    According to a study by the Department of Justice, when interviewing criminals who were behind bars for firearms-related violent crimes, they found that less than 4% got their guns by legally buying them. The rest got them some other way, including buying them on the black market (already a crime), stealing them (already a crime), or having someone buy the firearm for them (already a crime). So what fantasy world do these people live in thinking that more laws will make criminals not get guns or shoot places up?

    In the recent Ft. Lauderdale International Airport shooting, one of the stories you rarely see is about the armed pilot who got the people in the boarding area onto his plane and stood guard at the gangway to protect them. That pilot got it! It takes an armed person to stop an armed person. I do not understand the thinking that you can legislate morality and safety. What you can do is allow people to be able to defend themselves and others if they can.

    Airports are one of those places in Florida where you cannot carry a concealed firearm. I am not saying that a person who may have been picking someone up at the airport in the luggage claim area where the shooter killed his victims could have stopped it from happening, but there is at least a chance that an armed, law-abiding citizen could have lessened or stopped the carnage from being what it was.

    But we will never know. It’s a gun-free zone.

    It’s time for a reality check and a hard look at real legislation that may help to reduce the number of deaths and victims. We should legislate away those places called “gun-free zones” and make it illegal to disallow the lawful carrying of a firearm anywhere that doing so is not federally prohibited. We should also allow people to carry a firearm, either open or concealed. There are only five states that do not allow this now, and Florida is one of them. Time to get with it, Florida. We have the highest number of concealed carry licenses in the entire country. Florida also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the States.

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    @junrose123 @JayGum28 People don't commit crimes because they have guns, they commit crimes because of outside factors. You can still rob, rape, and/or murder someone with a hammer, just as effectively as if they used a gun. So how does this prevent crime as a whole?
  • @GunNut I agree with your point sir, but from where I come from, guns are often used for crimes and a gun ban really decreases crime rates by a large percent. Guns, especially illegal/unlicensed, are often apprehended in checkpoints scattered across areas affected by the gun ban. A Gun Ban here in my country reduces crime rate not only because guns are prohibitted, but also because of the fact that police and military force are scattered. Thanks!
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    @JayGum28 We already have a registry of people that cannot own guns, which police can access. This allows for you to do everything you just said. A gun ban only, and I mean only, hurts law abiding gun owners who use guns for target shooting, hunting, self defense, etc.
  • Bans never "work" in respect to keeping specific commodities out of the hands of criminals and/or those who would misuse them, since the latter will inevitably find a way to obtain & (mis)use those items.

  • It helps but not to the point of totally preventing any gun firing incident from happening. I mean you will never know who will be the next shooter even if you have the most sophisticated reliable intelligence network things will still always happen. If they really want to prevent any kind of shooting incident from happening then the people of the world should stop making weapons.
  • Everybody with his right mind should
    have a gun that is my perspective. Self
    Preservation is my number 1 concern.
    Right there are Shooters, if everyone is
    allowed to carry guns then that shooter
    would be shot dead or incapacitated or
    he may not even go through with his plan, why? Because everyone has a gun!
    That's why, why do people die in shooting incidents? It's because the
    Shooter arrives with guns, people sees it and everyone runs or hides. While if all the people have guns and a shooter is
    visibly shooting at people then everyone
    shoot the shooter dead.
  • I dont know if this is only here in my country. But honestly gun ban doesnt work in some places here. Specially when the government election time comes. The gun crime goes higher. That is why I am expecting that gun crime will be lessen in this coming election because it is what our president promised to us.
  • The truth is that as much as the agitation to ban guns is increasing by the day, it still doesn't prevent the acts of violence being committed by unlicensed guns user. I doubt if gun bans would ever stop this, I just hope that the world gets better and people gets better with their thoughts and behaviors.
  • You are abosolutely right martin. There is no way that I can visualize to lessen and prevent the gun crime. The only solution is that every gun owners should be responsiblevin using their guns. If all of the gun owners will be responsible so there will be no crime.
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