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What is your first memory?

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
I have an extremely negative memory for my first experience with a gun.  My older cousin (who was about 16 or 18 at the time) tried to shoot me.  I was about five years old.  My four-year-old cousin saw him aim the gun at where I was swinging. She jumped off of her swing and pulled me back.  I was really mad at her until I heard the crack of the rifle.  I froze while realizing what happened.  The bullet missed me but went through the window of our trailer.  He walked away, angry.  I still have no idea why he tried to shoot me.  I can't ask him because his younger brother killed him about seven years ago.  Luckily a short while after this incident, my father gave me a positive memory with a firearm.  He taught me how to shoot.  It was a great bonding experience.  He taught me how to aim and care for a gun, mentioning that the most important things were to treat guns and people with respect and to properly clean guns.  We spend most of the afternoon shooting the target in the yard.  I think it was a mock-up of a deer. 


  • Wow. What an incredible story from your life. I can't really say what was my earliest memory of a gun because they have been around all of my life from what I can remember. My dad has always had them. He taught my mother to shoot before they split up, and he regretted that decision, but when I was older, he taught me as well. I'm thankful that I am not some prissy girl that would never pick up a gun because you never know when your life will be in danger.
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    I remember learning how to handle and respect a gun and shoot and then hunt from my older brother and the memories are still being made because 40 some years later we still hunt together every year.
  • I am sorry sorry for your bad experience.
    My first memory of guns is learning to shoot with my uncle. Hunting is very near and dear to the people in my area, and I grew up with them all around me.Me being taught gun safety was extremely important to my parents so I remember them from a young age.
  • I'm glad so many people have such a positive experience with guns.  It's sad what they can do in the wrong hands.  You never really hear much about what they can do in the right hands.  Guns brought my father and I closer together. It was something he knew well that he was able to teach me. I will pass on the same values to my little one.

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    I taught my son to hunt and shoot,plus all of my nephews,my daughter and nieces were not much for the hunting but they did learn about guns and how to shoot.I have my two Granddaughters that live with me now and they both go hunting with me every year and can't wait to.They both know about guns and hunting and respect them.
  • I was never one for hunting.  I don't begrudge those who do, it's just not my thing.  I prefer target practice.  It's great that you found something to use to bond with the younger generation.  These days they are too technology-driven.  It's nice to see them outdoors. 
  • I am glad your dad was able to turn your negative first experience around. My dad actually gave me my first experience with a hand gun. I was around 9 years old and he set up a target in the backyard for me to hit. It was a 45. Really too large for me but I loved it. My hand eye,, line of sight,,, was spot on. My fanny was sore though when it knocked me back 3 or four times....
  • Most of these posts have to do with fathers teacher people to shoot.  Did anyone learn from a mother or uncle or cousin or something? 
  • I remember years ago when I was a teenager my uncle and me shooting a bb gun at cans. Then later I remember him teaching me to shoot a bigger gun. I'm not sure what kind it was though. When I got older a friend of mine took me to a shooting range once. That was fun. That is the only three times I remember ever shooting a gun. 
  • My first gun related memory was my dad taking me out to the farm so I could learn to shoot at pop cans. We used some sort of handgun and I remember him telling me to grip hard. That was the day I learned that certain guns have quite a kick. That was also the day I learned to respect my weapon.
  • My first memory of a gun was decent I guess. I was visiting family in the country and my uncle killed a cow with it, which we later ate. The cow died quickly with no pain and she tasted amazing! So it was a pretty good memory.
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    When I first saw a gun, the kids next door wanted to shot birds from out tree.
    I remember my mother shouting at me to get inside, and the laughter of the bigger boys from the neighbors garden.
    There are several hunter friends in the family so it wasn't a big deal later.

    But when I saw a real handgun years later I was quite afraid to tell the truth.
  • I've never really had contact with a gun. One time I saw a police officer pull one out to warn a drunkard to get off of his truck because he was under arrest. However, I live relatively sheltered and my only recollection of people having guns were cowboys and police officers in Texas. 
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    Very disturbing memory, but your father only propagated and promoted the use of guns, by teaching you about them, as you will pass on your knowledge to the next generation, and so things like that awfully experience of yours will keep on repeating, someone needs to break the cycle. My oldest memory was my taking me to a place where he used to train for shooting, he also taught me how to shoot with a gun, like every other American father. We seriously need to stop this.
  • My first experience wasn't too extreme but it was horrifying. So, me and my siblings were in the house, and my mother was outside with her, "baby daddy." We were just in the house hanging out, then we hear yelling. It turns out that my mother's friend, who was this guy named Jimmy, and he was handling business with her. Still to this day, I don't know  what that business was but I guess it doesn't matter anymore. So my step-father pulled out his gun, and fired at Jimmy's car. She was next to him when he fired, leaning on this car, and so it looked like he shot her in her head. Thank God, it wasn't like that, but at least he doesn't live with us anymore and he's in jail for attempted murder.
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    My first gun related experience is when some thugs passed by our home in the dead of night. I heard them outside my door talking in low tones but I could decipher what they were saying. I heard them push and jolt the door. Then one of them asked his colleague, " Where is that pistol?" The whole world around me collapsed and I almost blacked out. Luckily, they were on a mission to steal from our neighbours and only wanted to frighten me against venturing out to rescue my neighbour.
  • My first memory with guns would probably be on the store where me and my friends bought some drinks and suddenly when some gangsters shows up and point a gun on us, I'm not gonna lie that I didn't feel scared at that time, It's a freaking gun and I don't know it has a bullet or he's gonna actually pull the trigger. So, because of that I told myself that I need a gun too to protect myself.
  • ionion
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    The most memorable for me when we were using my friend's shotgun in a watermelon. my friend is a security guard and he allowed us to use that. I fell to the ground when I first use that gun. 
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    My first memory of it is when we are playing with my cousin, and suddenly one of them brought one, we thought it is just a toy, until his father came and scolded us all of playing it . That is why it is heavy to play that time because it is real gun and we don't know if it is loaded or not.
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