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The American Gun Organization is in trouble. In their model community of Long Gun, Texas, where everyone is packing, dozens of people have died in a massacre. Residents shot at each other thinking they were under terrorist attack. As it turns out, there were no terrorists, and with massive casualties in town even many of the AGO’s own members have turned against the group. The AGO badly needs some favorable publicity, and they think they’ve got it. Bob Armstrong, an easygoing Iowa landscaper, has shot a burglar in his house. When the intruder is mistakenly reported to be a noted terrorist, the AGO decides they want Bob to be their second amendment hero and keynote speaker at their upcoming convention in Des Moines. But Bob wants nothing to do with the AGO or guns. He only agrees to go along when the FBI asks him to do it to help them draw in the actual terrorist. Militias in town for the convention get wind of the FBI plan and they pull out their big guns, wreaking destruction in the Des Moines suburbs in their hunt for middle-eastern bad guys. Bob finds himself in battle with his gun-crazed neighbor, with the real terrorist, with the AGO, and even with his own stridently anti-gun daughter. 


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  • Pros and Cons of Gun Bans

    The second amendment should be viewed for what it is, an historical artifact. Back 240 years ago, it made sense for us to maintain militias. As long as both sides were armed with muskets, there was the real prospect of defending our homes and our country. In today’s world, the second amendment has no place, at least the way Antonin Scalia and his right wing cohorts defined it. The militias that exist today seem to consist of ill-trained guys who live in some sort of fantasy world. There’s a wonderfully funny look at militias in a new novel called “Gun Nuts.”