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  • Some of these are great ideas. I also have thought this. We cannot take all the guns away, thats a given. Protect your family but home protection and owning your own gun for protection purposes only... In public though, im not sure. 
  • I do support background checks. I actually think it will help cut down on gun violence, even if its only a percentage. If they ran background checks, it would make it harder for those with foul intentions to get a gun. 
  • This question can vary, I suppose. If you are a normal american, we have guns to protect. We need to protect ourself, our families, our homes, etc... Then we have some people who are obbsessed because of what they can do with a gun. It puts fear in …
  • There has been a TON of public shootings in my area lately. Its so sickening knowing I am raising my children in this world where everyone hates everyone. Its sad. I hope this dies down soon. 
  • This is most definitely true. If we are made to hand over our guns, do you think the "bad guys" are going to say " oh yeah, here you go, take my guns" ... NO! Absolutely not. There will always be guns out there and available for anyone who WANTS to …
  • Yes absolutely. I think it should be taught from a young age, maybe middle school or so. I think everyone needs to know these things. Accidents can happen at anytime, so why not teach our children to be safe about it? i will be teaching mine within …
  • This is sad. I dont think guns need to be taken away. I think it should be controlled as in ... If this person has X amount of domestic violence charges on his record, then we wont give him a gun!! Too many shootings going on lately. What about thes…
  • I mean, sure, people do it all the time. I see them for sale all the time on craigslist or my local swap n shop pages on FB. I personally would never purchase a gun from someone.. I would be buying from a gun shop, and getting it registered immediat…
  • I do not think guns need to be taken away from people. I do believe if you own a gun, you MUST register it under your name. I do not think other people should ever be in possession of someone elses guns. Thats where we need to start. We will NEVER b…