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  • That is why parents who owns a gun must not put them on display since its not a toy. They should put it in a secure and place, hide it to a safe place.
  • I was taught not to play a gun, or if ever I'm given a chance to handle a gun do not point to to someone else, because if ever you point it to someone then something triggered you ot you accidentally pulled the trigger, it can lead into an accident.…
  • It wasn't the fathers intention to hurt his child. But it is his duty to secure those things that's not appropriate for display. Kids are kids, curious, they will touch everything that's new to their sight. I hope it will give lesson to those who ar…
  • Control and restrict. Maybe it could help lessen the tragic deaths of innocent people due to a misfiring and related incidents.
  • No, there's no reason why you need to carry a gun, unless you are an officer (a police,military,security personnel). Bringing a gun everywhere will just scare people, tendency you'll just end up in jail.
  • Yes, i agree to the gun safety. Just like deiving, before a government agency release a driving license they are conducting seminar to explain the rules and regulations on the road. Maybe we can apply it to gun safety. Before a certain store release…
  • What scares me is that, if it fells to the wrong hand. Because if it happened, misuse will follow, will lead to a chaotic community. Innocent lives will be at risk. Many situation occurred that a person to a certain place and fired as if there's no …
  • Yes, it should be. But actually, education about it must come from our home first, from our parents. They must educate us about the danger that a gun can create to mankind. But since nowadays parents are fond or busy making money, they tend to forge…